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Hi Gang

I’m into week 7. I am new to TR but not to race events. Given the COVID situation and no events I am wondering if I should just be doing base continuously or what? Or base/build rinse and repeat or even all the way to speciality.

I am over weight (230@5’11) and injury prone lately. 49 years old. FTP is somewhere in 180-210 range (long story about equipment I’ll skip here).

Rights now I am managing with low volume and into the 2nd stage of it. But then what? Do I go on to build or just keep at base? Likely no events until April of next year likely at the earliest.


Welcome to TR. As you are doing LV, after the next base phase you can give Build a try, its worth getting used to some of the threshold/VO2 max workouts, it will let you also know what are your strengths and areas for improvement are. If you find too hard, you dial down the % effort or you can cancel the plan and go back to doing another 12 weeks of base 1 and 2.

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I’ve been thinking about this and as I have seemed to have quite a few injuries that I just managing to keep in check, I am going to do the lowest TSS until I get that and my weight a bit more under control. I am getting a bit too beat up to do the “weekend” warrior thing and will focus on fundamentals until my body really adapts well to the TSS. So I am guessing that is repeating base?

Alternative view:

  1. Start with Traditional Base I, II & III with max hours you can allocate per week (more is better). It is good for weight loss and to strengthen tendons, joints and muscles in low stress manner. Also shifts body fuel preference toward fat.
  2. Starting soonish, all three blocks should be finished in October. After that use Plan Builder that guides you through full base/build/specialty phases. You’ll have plenty of time from November to April.

Thanks. I am heading into week 7 of Base One tomorrow.