What plan? Tri or TT

Hi, I’m a former Time trial rider who suffered in 2018 with a pulmonary embolism. Took a break, switched to a marathon, then tried some Triathlon last year with top 10s in local events and a 4th place half IM. Was hoping to up this during 2020 but covid stops play.

Looking at remainder of 2020 I have opportunities to do national TTs again as they have been moved to later in the year, 10,25,50 &100 mile distances. Id like to keep my running in a plan but go back to more focused TT as I’ve been struggling to regain historic power PBs since I started multi sport
(367 FTP @67kg) . Should I select TimeTrial plan or Tri plans? I’ve still got a half im on plan for early August but unsure that’s going ahead.

I’m starting from a high base with CTL at 126 but tsb at -26. I don’t want to go back to old coach and keen to try a TR plan.

Interested in thoughts, I do about 15 hrs per week at the moment.

If time trialing is the priority, I’d go with that and fit running around your bike sessions as you feel is appropriate.
One thing that I’ve found from personal experience is that the cycling-specific TR plans will leave you with a fair bit of fatigue, so it’s worth taking a somewhat more flexible approach to running. I’m doing the SSBHV plan right now and busting out a 40min tempo run or a serious interval session is not really feasible or particularly useful. So with no races in sight I’ve been following a 5k plan- keeps the frequency and speed there, but the shorter session length is a lot less intimidating :joy: but i imagine it might be a little different for everyone!

Holy crap you’re strong! I guess you know yourself better than anyone, but at that level I bet neither template fits your individual needs perfectly. From your post I’d say start with defining your goals better. Clearly you know this, but the demands of a 70.3 vs 10mi TT vs. 100mi TT are completely different. Simply hitting FTP PR’s might be a different story altogether. I’m afraid you’d have to pick one. The TT plans top out at 40k and probably do not maximize performance over longer distance events (and obv don’t cover any swimming or running). The Tri plans are good for performing well in a triathlon. These neither maximize raw FTP nor do they squeeze the last bit of TT’ing out of your legs (been there).


Very true, I really need to know about Tri events as they are more likely to go out the window. Don’t think ill ever get back to that w/kg level of pre injury. But im a member of a strong TT team so that’s motivating to go back into that for remainder of 2020, can always delay Tri to 2021

+1 It’s going to be about priorities.

If you want to run occasionally, easy running then a bike focussed plan will be fine. If you want to improve your running and biking, then a Tri plan imo.

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You suggest the priority is TT. On that basis I’d select a TT plan and add running in on the side as opposed to a Tri plan. You’ll gain greater TT improvement on a focussed plan than you will on one that tries to marry 3 disciplines together. As others have said, a high volume TT plan might leave you too fatigued to run much so if start lower volume (maybe mid masked on what you say your weekly hours are) and adjust up from there. Should be able to find a happy medium that way.