Last 2020 Race Cancelled - Continue to Build or return Base with a new FTP


Well, IM 70.3 Maine cancelled and my entire 2020 is now gone. I’ve been very diligent about completing my TR workouts and just completed the Speciality phase ramp test when the cancellation came in.

So, now that I have a new shiny FTP number, I’d like to continue to grow that going into 2021. I was using plan builder to assemble my LV half triathlon plan, but I stopped that for now while I reassess.

Without any races, should I drop into SSB 1 and 2 again or do another build cycle (SPB) before returning to base to finish the year? I toyed with finishing the specialty phase, but the pools are still closed where I am and I want to switch my run focus from 13.1 to 5K this summer.

Any and all advice welcome.

I wouldn’t do 2 build cycles in a row. Since the goal of specialty is peaking for your event I also wouldn’t do that unless you want to create your own “event” to target (such as a solo 40k/duathlon/something like that). As a time trialist you could switch to the 40k TT specialty (adding your runs in as appropriate so be careful about volume choice) and put a solo max effort on the calendar before going back to base.

Otherwise I would go back to base before going through build again. Now is a great time to focus more on skill development and get outside for Z2 work (depending on the COVID regs in your area). Work cadence, breathing, endurance, then repeat build with better form/efficiency.

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Thanks for that input. I’ll play around with replacing the half distance speciality with the 40k TT and then go back into a SSBMV1-2 going into the fall. You are right, it is a good time to be out riding.