Training for a TT and IM70.3?

Hey y’all,

Been snooping around for a while but finally making the switch from Zwift to TR to focus on my race goals. Like with everyone else, things are a little up in the air with 2021, so I’m scheduling myself a time trial in mid March as a mid range goal, then hopefully getting back to an IM 70.3 in late June. I’m basically trying to use the TT as a goal to really push on FTP while it’s still frigid.

I’d definitely like to keep up the swimming and running through the year, so is there any way to mix these training plans on Trainer Road? This probably sounds vague because I’m feeling rather vague; is it best just to set up the Half Distance Tri Plan and put a TT in there as a C race, or set both up one after another? Or if y’all have other thoughts, they’re welcome! And apologies if this has been answered elsewhere.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Disclaimer - I have not looked at the TR Tri plans, but I have raced numerous 70.3’s and a couple of fulls.

If you want to set a goal for the March TT and use that to boost FTP, I’d do a TT plan from now until then and keep the swim / run programs from the plans (but possibly dial back the intensity on the runs).

From March to June, you can then just do a 70.3 race based on your new FTP and get ready to crush the 70.3.

Why not do the usual Base/Build/Specialty cycle leading to your 70.3 in June, and treat the TT as a C (or B if you really want) race?

It seems like the TT is only a means to an end to raise your FTP, which you can do whilst training for the 70.3.

Also, I wouldn’t want to plan to peak in March with the current COVID situation.