What intensity do I choose for 70.3 plan builder

So for each discipline of the plan builder it asks for my desired finishing time. Then it asks for intensity. This is where I’m confused. If it’s a race, should I choose race pace or choose the pace at which I will racing? Since it’s an endurance event my intensity would be obviously different than for a 5k. Or does plan builder take that into account and race pace for a 70.3 triathlon is different than race pace for 5k. My husband says choose race pace.

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Interesting question. When I prepared my plan I selected the pace I would be racing at e.g. 6/10 for a HIM, rather than Race Pace 10/10. Your question has me thinking I could have been wrong, although if I had to chose in the absence of further guidance I’d stick with my approach as would assume the RPE selector is consistent in it’s use whether it’s for a race or workout.

Interesting question indeed. I’m currently building my training plan and have the exact same doubt.

I heard back from TrainerRoad. The intensity will be the pace you will race at so maybe 6-7 for HIM. Whatever intensity you choose for race day won’t affect your plan.