Plan Builder - What is Duration / Intensity?

Hi All - I noticed a lot of posts on this, but none specifically addressing my question. I am trying to create a full length triathlon training plan. When creating the event it’s asking me for ‘Duration’ and ‘Intensity’.

Is Duration my overall 140.6 goal time or just the bike portion? Is Intensity how hard I plan to try on race day or how hard I want to train?

Really confusing.

I believe when you put in the event it will ask you for swim duration, bike duration and run duration to calculate the overall race duration. As for intensity, I typically put the type of intensity I’ll shoot for on race day. I wouldn’t go RPE 9/10 for an entire IM, but I would for a sprint or OLY. So when I put in a full distance race, I typically put a 5-6/10 on the PRE scale for everything since that’s around the overall intensity I’m shooting for.

Hope that helps.

FWIW - I don’t think the duration/intensity you enter really changes anything with plan builder. The important part is the event type you’re selecting (Multisport, Full/Half/OLY/Sprint). The duration and intensity doesn’t really do anything regarding plan builder or AT.

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Yeah I think @BrianSkinnell is right. I just did the first couple steps of PB for a triathlon. You input the initial duration and intensity and then it will go to a screen where you input each for the 3 disciplines.

But I’m almost certain that he’s also right in saying that those parameters do nothing to adjust the plan spit out by plan builder. They will just be reflected in the event placeholder that is put on your calendar at the end of the plan.

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Thanks! I input 13 hours. Swim TSS is 0 no matter what I put so I just put 1:30. Of course I really have no foundation of what to expect for Bike/Run so I input 7/4.5. Inputting 7 (TSS 353) for the bike has a lower TSS than 6 (TSS 397), which seems backwards. Run has higher TSS for shorter expected finish time, which makes sense.

It stinks the preview of the plan doesn’t give you an average weekly time and amount per discipline like the TP plans do. You have to look at each individual block. Also the high-volume IM plan shows 15 hours / 600 TSS the week before the race, which seems crazy high to me? Not much of a taper.

Really want to use TR for my IM over paying for yet another service through TP, but just not getting a good vibe …

I did the HV TR full distance plan for base/build/specialty back in 2019 to prepare for IMMD and it’s a beast. I did well in the race but it was a grind to get there. You also don’t HAVE to do all the swim/run workouts if they don’t fit your schedule. I didn’t do the Saturday evening recovery runs and I cherry picked two swims from each week to do.

Come on over to IM 2021 Thread and see what others are doing!

Thanks, @BrianSkinnell. HV TR plan seems to have quite a few 20 hours weeks! Because of this, I’ll probably do the MV. It’s not clear why the TR plans have SO MUCH swimming but, like you, I always cut down to two swim sessions.

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Best of luck! What race are you training for?

@BrianSkinnell - IMLP. First IM, first full length.

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Awesome. 2019 IMMD was my first full, too. Huge accomplishment! Enjoy the journey!

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