70.3 Midvolume Plan

Hello there,

I’m currently using plan builder to train for my first 70.3 (Oceanside on April 1st). So far training is going well! However, I find it counter-intuitive that my longest run in the plan is 2 hours but my longest ride in the plan is also only 2 hours, with most “long rides” at only 1.5 hours.

I train Mon - Saturday with Saturday as bike / brick run day. I’m tempted to do long easy rides on Saturday instead of the 1.5 hour rides that the plan has me scheduled for. Also, 2 hour long runs seems a bit brutal in terms of recovery, joints, etc. I have a 1:50 min run and a 2 hour run left in my plan and I’m tempted to scale these back to 1:30 - 1:40 min.

What do y’all think?

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Hey there – stoked to see you in Oceanside!

The bike workouts you are getting in the plan focus on training the energy systems you’ll use on race day, and this is prioritized over simply emulating duration.

That said, you are welcome to make those adjustments, and it’s as easy as putting an endurance workout on your calendar for that day and removing the scheduled workout.

Regarding the run workouts, feel free to make those adjustments based on how you feel. That’s an important connection to have as an athlete, and we’ve designed TrainerRoad to give you the tools to make personal adjustments. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply Jonathan! I’m a big supporter of the app and the “Ask Cycling Coach” Podcast. Looking forward to seeing you in Oceanside as well!

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The time you have to train is the time you have to train, so plan builder fits within the constraints you give it. The plan will train you for the event, but most people ride outside/unstructured as well.

It’s a good idea to ride the 90km locally particularly if you haven’t done it before and practice race day nutrition while you are at it, once or twice. If you can, don’t substitute this for a TR ride unless endurance is scheduled.

I’ve done quite a few races and I like to use a simulator indoors like Rouvy or Fulgaz instead as I can’t do race watts outside where I live.

And welcome to the forums - Pop into the Ironman Training thread when you get a minute.:muscle: