What Run Intensity do I use - TR triathlon plans

Hi, everyone,

Ive started using following the TR triathlon plans more seriously this past week. I have a question about the run intensity listed in the descriptions.

Most runs seem to say in the description an effort RPE of 4-6, but in the actual Intensity box above it, will say 9 (race pace).

What one am I supposed to be using?04%20am

After you do the run, use the drop down to pick what your actual rate of perceived exertion was… but during the run, try to follow the instructions for mostly RPE6 effort, with some short bursts of hard effort.

For the runs, RPE 9 is not a 1 hour pace, but probably closer to 5k pace. There is a definite disconnect between recommended RPE for the run paces compared to the TSS estimator. You should attempt to use either rTSS based on average pace or hrTSS to keep it a bit more consistent.

The Run RPE table is at the bottom. Might help a bit, but it’s not super detailed.

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