Push TR Plan 1wk and Ride Outside!

I have just started SSLV2 this week and have been reviewing my calendar for the next few months, with Christmas coming up and being in Australia the opportunity is perfect to ride outside (good weather, time off work, long days etc)

rather than ignore the TR plan, my thought is to push the entire plan from that week out 1 week and ride outside instead. I would still aim for similar TSS, maybe higher and could potentially put some intervals etc into my outdoor rides to try an simulate a similar pattern, Stress/Rest proportions

anyone done something similar or have any thoughts?

One week is relatively neglidgeable. Either push the week back or skip it, entirely up to you and how it might effect your goals :slight_smile:

With Christmas coming up it’s Festive500 time! More by luck than judgement my specialty phase finishes up just in time for the Christmas break, so i’m just going to be ‘just riding’ over the break.

With the time available i’d think you’ll be riding way more than the 3.5 hours a week of SSLV so your stresses will be higher. Thrown in one hour of semi-structured intervals if you’re concerned but chances are you’ll find some hills and be working hard sometimes anyway.

I heard Nate comment recently that TR use drops off over the Christmas period. Sometimes its easy to forsake the trainer when there is scenery and weather like this to be had! :sunglasses:


I’ll trade you a tube of electrolyte gel Giveaway- electrode gel for chest straps for a ticket to paradise!

This is exactly what I do when we get some nice weather in the middle of winter. I’m not training for anything in particular though so I don’t have any required timing or schedule that I have to stick with to get my TR plan done…