New to TR - just started custom plan with calendar - first 2 workout too hard

Hi everyone, new to TR and just started a custom training plan with the calendar feature (where you plan you season with events). I haven’t been racing XCO for a good ten year now but I’ve been riding a decent amount (commuting + winter zwifting + mtb rides on weekend). Anyways, I just did the ramp test on Thursday (277 watts/ 70kg) and TR scheduled Mcadie +1 on Friday and Galena the next day. I suffered through Mcadie and finished it but today with Galena I couldn’t do the last 15min at 92% of ftp.

Is this normal? Is TR supposed to schedule workouts that can be done back to back or I should manually shuffle the workout based on TSS?


That’s a Saturday + Sunday combo seemingly from ssbmv1, week five. Sounds odd to me to start there, but could be that the timing of your events is causing your custom plan to start you at an odd place. Generally, you would hit those two after five weeks of progressively longer workouts to get you there. Your future workouts shouldn’t be as tough when you are on a more regular part of a plan.

Yes well I did use December 20ish as my start date (when I started a training plan on zwift) and perhaps that’s why I’m actually starting with the tougher workout right at my beginning. Perhaps I should start over and use this week as my starting date, might help with the progression. Quick question, any reason why TR is front-loading my week with the lower intensity workout and back loading the end of the week with back to back high TSS workout? Shouldn’t the intensity be better spread across the whole week?

Re: setting December 19 as your start, yes it probably thinks you’re wrapping up your first block of sweet spot base, which explains why it pulled workouts the way it did.

To your other question, typically the two longer days of the medium volume plans hit Saturday and Sunday because that is when most people have more time. Sunday isn’t typically a super hard day. Way back in the day it was a long endurance ride to add some more endurance miles to the mix. Somewhat recently they moved toward more intervals for Sunday to avoid prescribing two hour long trainer rides. Take a look at the IFs for future back-to-back days and see if they intensity goes back down.

Thanks for the tip, I did redo the plan with this week as the start point and also saw that I could decide when to have a moderate intensity ride in between 2 harder workouts. Basically I scheduled my 7 days with Monday (high Tss - 90min) and Tuesday (lower Tss - 60-75min), off on Wednesday, Thursday (high Tss - 60-90min), Friday (low Tss - 45-60min), Saturday (high Tss - 90-120) and finally Sunday off. Does this sound right?


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Sounds good, as long as you haveSunday off. If you’re leaving it free for an outside ride you may well start finding subsequent Monday rides tough.

My god - starting with McAdie and Galena back to back…there wouldn’t be many users on here if we all did that! :face_vomiting:


Well it was an humbling experience to say the least. First time I didn’t finish a workout in a long time.

TR workouts are so much more focus than anything I did on Zwift. On Zwift i felt like I was spending half the time warming up, resting and cooling down.