Back-to-back SSBI workouts?

Hi all,

I’m a bit time crunched for this week and was wondering if I could string 3 SSB1 workouts together, specifically Tunnabora, Geiger, and Warlow. I actually did Tunnabora yesterday with some strength training, but I feel OK today and was thinking about going forward with Geiger. Also, my understanding is that SS workouts aren’t as physically taxing as, say, VO2 or sprint workouts.

Thanks in advance!

You can try to do them day after day. Be aware that the progression you have is increasing IF (Intensity Factor) each day, and that may not work well. Ideally, I would do them in reverse order as you will likely build fatigue from one workout to the next.

Warlow may well be a chore based on the IF and general demanding nature of Over-Under workouts.

But you won’t know until you try. Just be open to listening to your body and plan to adjust (or pull the plug) if things start heading in a negative direction.

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Thanks! Yeah I ended up keeping the days separate because of my strength routine. I think I’ll end up with the following
M: TR morning & Strength evening
T: Rest
W: TR morning & Strength evening
Th: Rest
F: TR morning / group ride
S: Kickboxing
Sun: Rest

That looks good. Do keep in mind the fatigue from the TR morning workout an it’s likely impact on your group ride. You can still have some fun, but could be lacking in snap and/or duration depending on how much the morning one pulls from you.

Happy training :smiley:

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Oh to be clear, I’m doing either a TR workout or a group ride on Friday morning.

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OH, yeah. I missed the difference on the ‘/’ vs ‘&’ in your list.

You are good to go then. Good planning.

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