Day before FTP Test workouts

Hey All!

Have timetabled my next FTP test for 1st to start the year right :wink:

Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions for day before workouts?
Ideally would love to just get a few mins around threshold or just above to prime the system…

FYI: have tended to use 20 minute test lately- always seems to better estimate my FTP …
just thought I would mention in case it affects anyone’s comments !

Many thanks in advance!

I use the ramp test and last time I did the Truuli workout the day before. Not sure this would be advisable for the 20 minute test though since it has a longer warmup included.

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Timely question as I was wondering the same this morning. The plans have 3 endurance rides the week before for all the low volume plans, so that is my schedule, but I had a week off for surgery so I wonder if I need some intensity before the test.

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I usually have complete rest the day before or if I do feel like spinning I’ll just do Recess -4. It sounds like you’re looking for more of a primer, so I think Laurel or Pahrah might be something you check out.


If you are doing the 20 min test it has a clearing workout built into it already, so I would personally suggest a day off or something light around 45-55% of ftp

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Was wondering this too. Tomorrow is my scheduled off day but then Tuesday I have a ramp test going into SSB HV 2.

Just spent a week at endurance, thinking maybe a little taste at threshold and VO2 might prime me a bit better.

Or would taking a day off or doing a short 50% FTP ride be smarter as it leaves me fresher.

My last ramp test I was doing threshold and a bit of VO2 stuff leading up to it that week and I nailed it.

But I haven’t done anything above sweetspot now for over a month…

I’d always do an opener the day before a ride or race that’s important to me. Personally my go to ride is Truuli +1

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I was tempted to do a workout the day before my ramp test even though nothing was scheduled. I ended up taking it off and don’t think it affected the results. Of course, I’ll never know for sure if it was a good call or not, however I don’t think I would have seen much of a difference had I completed a short opener workout.

Might have a crack at Truuli as well, but eyeing up the -1 version instead…

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You might consider one of the regular openers.

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Nailed it!

Thanks Chad - once again!! :pray:t2:

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I’m in exactly the same situation ie going into SSB MV 2

Anything significantly above Threshold seems frightening!

But, are you going to do an opener before every ride in your plan? If you absolutely smash your ftp test because you treat it like a race day, will you be dialing down your workouts?

Just a thought I had.

In a mid volume plan, you have back to back workouts on all but two days of the week.

I see the ramp as a mini race, and you generally don’t want to come in to them “flat”. So the opener can help in that respect. As ever, this is an individual thing and should be tested to find what works for each rider.

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I hate the test either way :sweat_smile:

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It’s not about love or hate.

It’s about being well prepared to get an accurate assessment.


How about the Ramp test as an opener for the Ramp test :hot_face:

LOL, I have 2 friends who did 2 Ramps in one night.
Silliness because of different factors and not intentional.

Day apart may not be that bad, especially if you cut the 1st one short.

It’s usually simply to get the legs and mind reacquainted with some pain …

I just realised that I actually made a version of Truuli for warm ups! And remember it working nicely…,

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