Weight loss accountability buddy or thread discussion

Down about 1/2 pound as of this morning. Last week saw some reduced training volume and lower intensity. I completed 2 strength workouts and hit some PRs on my deadlifts and squats. Upper body workout, I didn’t have the opportunity to try as I was impatient at the gym as the equipment, I wanted wasn’t available.

On the bike I completed two power tests - a 1 minute and 5-minute test to establish a base line for the upcoming season. 1 minute PR at 538, 5 second PR at 1076 and finally a nausea inducing 5-minute PR at 342.

I definitely took a “diet break” and had extra carbs the day before my 5-minute test and had 620 grams versus my average of about 400 grams for this past week.

So, things are good, still seeing some changes in the mirror, energy is pretty good too. Four weeks to go for this end of summer shred and focusing on maintaining lean body mass, increasing strength, fueling workouts and of course, losing a few more excess lbs. before heading into winter.

Weighed in a little up this week about 1.5 pounds - but visually I looke a little leaner in the mid-section and chest area so while the scale hasn’t moved the needle down I’m either rocking steady or still losing BF. No matter, I’m still in my rhythm and keeping my deficit consistent.

Last weeks training was all there, but I had to shuffle some workouts and rides around due to a sick kiddo.

Goal this week is to try and get in 12,000 steps per day - I usually average 9-10k. Another 3 solid weeks to go before backing off and getting back into enerygy balance. Sleep has been consistent, energy throughout the day too. I’ll see how the increased steps affect how I look and what the scales says and if I’m still not budging by next week I’ll chop off 100 kals per day.

Just stepped on the scale after a rough six months (work stress, family stress, injuries yada yada yada) and realized i hit my personal “maximum” number of #200. It’s definitely time to reboot and turn it around, so i’m going to commit to my new project: #180 by March 1, 2024 (a little over 20 weeks away). Luckily, it coincides with a new training schedule that started last week. This will require a pretty heavy rethink about drinking, food intake, etc. Sober October might start a little early for me this year!


It has been a while since I visited here and I need to get back on the wagon. I have had two job changes, a death of a friend, family issues… (insert random excuse here). I fell back into some bad eating habits and went in the wrong direction a little bit. So I just entered in for the first time in I don’t know how long and will give it another whirl.

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I’d say as a genera thought process…eating LOTs of veggies is almost a better process goal than eating less of everything else. Ultimately quantity of calories is the only thing that matters…but if the first thing your gut is always a slightly obscene amount of veggies…you just sort of naturally eat less of everything else.

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I’ve reached the “two strangers called me big man yesterday” stage of weight gain due to being off the bike for two months and general messy life stuff.

Hit 200lbs again and have come back down a little but I feel like I’m suddenly ageing rapidly as I approach 50 this November. I now look way more average and that is not amazing (basically only carry weight in my belly). Trying to do some run/walking but the whole reason I started cycling seriously was due to a sports hernia that is still not resolved so it’s been challenging.

I have an MRI tomorrow on the elbow so at least I should have some guidance, going to get back on the spreadsheet on Monday.

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I’m switching gears and getting started on some winter weight loss. Between sickness, and flying solo with my 9 year old while my wife was away in greece…I am very much not prepared for CX season, so focusing on weight loss and weight lifting now. Will race some races, but not expecting greatness…just going to sign up more for fun than anything.

Focusing on a nice, long off season, with some easy riding, healthy eating, and better sleep than I’ve been getting…