Weight Gain, Fueling and Power

Hi Everyone,

I’m sure this has been done to death and feel free to point me in the right direction! Sorry it’s a long one but gives some context to my predicament :slight_smile:

I’ve been monitoring my weight daily since 2016, and of course I am not bothered about daily fluctuations but it has been great to have the data ! And I only concern myself with monthly averages.

Anyway, Im 47 years, 6ft 1 and dropped from 94 kgs in 2016 … and my weight for the past 3 years at least has been consistent when I look at monthly swings - ranging from around 77 kgs at lightest to 80 kgs monthly average - generally though 79-80kgs so very consistent.

I achieved and maintained this through cycling and also a SLOW carb diet (Tim Ferris) rather than a NO carb diet. This was sustainable and didn’t leave me lacking in energy and was ultimately a lifestyle change rather than a diet.

Training wise I followed a regime of 3 watt bike sessions of 30 to 45 mins per week and a hard Sunday outside ride of between 3-4 hours, between 60- 80 miles on hilly terrain.

In the c19 lockdown last year I overcooked it like many and was doing daily indoor sessions and after starting strong by mid year I ended up going backwards. No weight loss or gain - but low on energy. FTP in rapid decline from about 300.

I never stopped riding but decided in October to sign up to TR after listening to podcasts for some time in an effort to reset the bar and actually follow a structured plan - and slowly but steadily been working my FTP back - but it’s been slow progress only now starting to feel like my old self (FTP now and nearly 280 from a 250 low) … noting again that up until December no weight gain - still averaging 79-80kgs

After recent podcasts and in endeavouring to increase my power I started fuelling during my sessions, I never did this before only drinking water, but now I’m at least 1x SiS mix and a gel per hour, followed by a recovery drink (Ote), again nothing I’ve bothered with in the past … but I feel like both help me get through the sessions - and off I’ll increase intake for the longer rides.

Anyway since this change (fueling) I’ve almost immediately put on weight and my monthly averages 82.5 kgs (plus 2.5) and hitting 83 plus some days which is scary as it’s been years since I was that heavy.

Otherwise my diet hasn’t changed that much, on a daily basis I am not so much focused on SLOW carbs and now I don’t avoid other carbs in order to ensure I am not underfueling, but I am conscious in my choices.

Aside from that I have cut down a lot out the snacks and chocolat.

So, my concern, eventually, (and well done if you made it this far ! ) … should I be worried by this weight gain?

I feel stronger than I did, but the obvious fear is that the weight is working against my power gains and even if i get back to my 300 plus ftp my extra weight will be a penalty.

I’m really trying not to focus on weight so I’m sticking with my current fuelling, diet and plan - at least for now… but should I ? And is there anything I’m doing wrong ?


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Do you notice a difference in your clothes… i.e. tight around the waist or tight around the thighs? It possible that you could be gaining fat, but you could also be storing more glycogen in the muscles along with the water that accompanies it. yeah, its increased weight, but it may also be increased power. I started and extended thread about this several weeks ago. Linked below.


Yea if you were restricting carbs you could have been light on glycogen/water, and those have returned to more normal levels.


noticed the weight gain too especially after hard workouts and generally takes 2 days to stabilize. I’ve read about it and they also said it was retaining water re: glycogen build up in muscle.

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It could be many things ranging from inflammation, extra water weight from eating a lot and or salt intake higher than normal. Also as stated above glycogen stores being low and topped off can range a couple pounds. Some of the weight gain could even be stronger muscles. I have gained weight over a year and honestly don’t look much different in the mirror. I range from +/- 3-4 pounds. I just look at the averages over weeks and if I look any different in the mirror.
Sometimes even taking picture in the mirror can help show body changes over time. Either way I think it’s part of training and just focus on performance or weight loss you can’t do both, well you can but that’s hard and I’m not an expert in that area.
Best of luck

P.s. fuel the workouts, it’s beaten like a dead horse but timing most carbs and fueling the work at the time. Can help big time in how your hunger is the rest of the day.


Glycogen is accompanied by water at a 1:3 ratio.

So 500g glycogen = 2kg total added weight.

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As above, you could now have substantial stores on board and are heavier. However, tapping into these during a ride will allow you ride at higher av. watts, thereby increasing overall calories expenditure and help body comp.

Once you get over the adaptation/mental adjustment phase of being a bit heavier (owing to being properly fueled), the weight should plateau and then come off again (only now, with fuller stores). Give it a few months!


Thanks everyone that replied - it’s what I needed just to sense check myself and stay on plan / keep on track … much appreciated and thanks again