Praise the fueling!

I just wanted to make a quick post to thank the TR crew for their info about nutrition.
I started using TR off and on early in 2019 and wound up taking 2nd in the state TT. Since then I’ve doubled down on doing the plans with exactness (and adding volume) plus incorporating tips from the podcast. Namely, my fueling and nutrition have seen the biggest change. I’ve completely shifted my focus from food as scary to fueling what my goals are. Since then I’ve seen a 35+ watt increase in my ~45 minute power (that carries for most time periods, but that’s most appropriate for a 40k TT…and yes I know they take a bit longer but still) and a 10 watt increase in just one month. This is all down to really focusing on fueling workouts, recovering, and finding a healthy relationship with all foods. It’s been a huge benefit. Now I’m of the mind to gimmie all the carbs!
I’m not here to give nutrition advice, but I do want to say that proper fueling brings proper results. Cheers!
Me with carbs now…


I used to never eat on the bike, even for rides up to 2 or 3 hours. This weekend I tried for the first time to add some Maltodextrin to my water for a SS workout of 2 hours. It was amazing, the workout felt so easy, never going back!


Welcome to the club.
Please check out the OG:



Congrats to the OP - they are some great achievements.
I am on this journey of trying to sort out my nutrition. As you say both the relationship and actually giving the body what it needs.
Too often I would not eat enough, either on or off the bike. Then over eat the bad stuff and scratch my head.
I have only started to realise this in the past few weeks, so I hope to see the kind of improvements you have found.

One of the biggest side effects is not getting sick as much because I don’t feel wiped after every workout. Keep sorting it out-it’s a lifelong process as your body and needs change!

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Might be more useful info in that carbs thread now, in case you haven’t been continuing to follow it.