Weekly training workout order

I’ve completed the SSB1, SSB2, Sustained Power and Century training program (low volume). Now, I’m recycling the SSB1 (completed) and SSB2 training workout (low volume). I am on SSB2, however, I plan to alter the SSB2 slightly. My plan is substitute one of the Threshold training with an Endurance workout, so Endurance, VO2 and Threshold training each week and an outdoor ride on the weekend as time permits (weekend ride can be a small group or solo ride or an all zone type ride…depends). What is the best order or the suggested order to do the weekly training? Endurance, VO2, SS etc. Any suggestions and why?


If it was me, I’d do them in this order:

  1. VO2
  2. Endurance
  3. SS

Basically put the endurance between the VO2 & SS to allow yourself to recover a bit between the two harder rides so ideally you execute both 100%. I’d do the VO2 first, as I’m better at SS than VO2, so the mental RPE of the VO2 will be lower when I’m fresher.


Thanks. That’s sound logical.

Update: I just completed Taylor-2 using your logic. Glad that one’s in the bag. Now, I will look forward to the Endurance workout next.