Rearranging training days

Good Day Everyone

I’m currently in week 4 of SSB MV 1 and while I’ve left the rides scheduled on their default days, I’ve decided to rearrange the days for SSB MV 2 to better match my schedule as I work weekends.

My plan is:
Tuesday -> 90 min Saturday Ride
Wednesday -> 60 min Easy Ride
Thursday -> 120min Sunday Ride
Friday -> Optional Easy Ride (Looking at Baxter -2/Carter)
Saturday -> 60 min Tuesday Ride
Sunday -> 60min Thursday Ride

My concern is the VO2max workout and threshold workout on consecutive days. I feel that it shouldn’t be an issue since it used to be a threshold followed by a sweet-spot, but even with their lesser duration is this going to negatively affect the quality of the second day?

Should I swap Wednesday and Thursday and then move the VO2 to Friday and leave the Threshold on Sunday?
I feel like I’m overthinking it, but being new to indoor training I’m not quite sure what to do.

The MV plans don’t have Friday rides, are you looking at HV? SSB MV 2 have the days scheduled as:


So whatever you chose, I would try to mimic that layout and not put back to back difficult days without a rest/easy day in between. Listen to your body and if you’re overly fatigued than you know your schedule is not working.

I guess your second day performance depends on your level of fitness, amongst other things.

When I was doing Cross Specialty I swapped the Wed and Thurs workouts so I was doing the difficult workouts back to back on Tue/Wed to better simulate the back to back cross races we have on weekends. As I recall, it did make the second day harder, but the workouts were still doable. Tough, but doable.

Why not start your weeks on Saturday or even Sunday?

Sa: 60 min VO2
Su: Pettit
M: 60 min Threshold
T: Off
W: 90 over under
R: 2hr Sweet spot
F: Off

Lots of people seem to shift training days around an awful lot when all they really might need to do is start their plan week on a different day.