SSLV 2 Swap VO2 Workout from Tue. to Thu

Hello Guys, just wonder if it is ok to swap the Tuesday workout (VO2) and the Thursday Workout(Threshold).
Reson is that I find the Thursday Workout harder, so if I swap them I have a rest day Monday before the Threshold workout, on Wednesday I have Strenght Training. So for me, it is easier to do it the following way:
Monday Rest Day → Threshold → Str. Training → Vo2Max
then going
Vo2Max ->Str. Training->Threshold

Thanks for your response

I dont see a problem with that. What is Fridays workout though as you don’t want to swap a session and then impact the next one. I do swap sessions around depending upon time constraints and sometimes RPE

Is threshold work also a priority for your goals? I ask because I shuffle my workouts to ensure that I’m giving 100% to my priority workouts.

Usually that means: rest > hardest workout (VO2/threshold), SS, SS/endurance, rest, primer, race and long, slow endurance Sunday.

Don’t see why your approach would be detrimental though.

With three workouts per week, just move them around.

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Thanks a lot for your response everyone, great forum.

Yes, Threshold / SS (Sustain Power) is my Primary Goal.

I have 3 rides from TR SSBLV, also 2 Sessions of Strength Training, and sometimes an optional Endurance ride if I am eager to get on the bike.

Monday Off
Tuesday 1h Ride (TR)
Wednesday 1h Str. Training
Thursday 1h Ride (TR)
Fri off
Sat. Main Ride 1:30h (Hardest TR Workout of the week)
Sun. Str. Training, Optional Ride (fun ride easy)

I think on the last hard weeks off SSLVB2 I will just focus on the 3 TR rides, and try to really nail them.
Mary Austin, Lamark, and Lecomte look scary as hell… I guess I will have no extra power during the last weeks, for me, they are also mentally taxing.
If I have to I even skip the Str. session on Wednesday on that weeks

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May not be possible, but in an ideal world you would do Trainer Road AND weight training on Tuesday (morning / evening sessions), leaving Wednesday for rest and recovery. If you did that I reckon you’d find Thursday’s threshold session a lot more manageable.

Yeah somehow it would be good to free up that day, but i can’t see me do VO2 max or Threshold 5am in the morning, if my gym would open at 6 am i would do the strenght training in the morning but they open around 8:30. And i like to start early work and finish around 4pm :slight_smile:

It’s definitely not impossible! The endorphins will get you through the working day, then hit the gym after work. Then look forward to some good sleep and a restful Wednesday. It might not work for you, but some good tips here:

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I did this for a couple of weeks in the fall and found that it just wore me down. It worked really well for that day, or even a week or so, but I just got progressively more run down. It’s possible I just wasn’t sleeping enough or something but I just couldn’t sustain it mentally. I was still completing all my workouts both in the gym and on the bike but I was just getting burned out so fast. I find that even though it might not be considered ‘ideal’ I do better in the long term if I lift on my off days. Obviously this is just one person and it might work perfectly for another, or even most people, but everyone is different.

So to OP. If you think that swapping those workouts with strength training in between leaves you more fresh and better able to hit all your workouts then do it. Even if going into the threshold workout with fresh legs is mostly a psychological boost then that might make all the difference as help you smash it.

Again thanks a lot for the comments and links provided. The thing also is that i like to workout 4 to 5 days a week just feels good like that and I enjoy it. For now i think i will stick to my plan.

Thx a lot. Ohh and the Threshold workout (Donner) did go very well yesterday. Nailed it!!!