New to TR! Help with free ride during base

Hello all!
I just joined yesterday trainerroad, and i ve been wondering about deciding between MV Sweet Spot Base and LV SS base adding an extra group ride at sundays and an easy ride from MV at mondays. I decided for sencond option doing indoor training at monday (easy/endurance ride), wednesday and thursday, outdoor saturday, and free ride at sunday. I wanted to know if you belive it is a good option, and recommendations for the group ride (intensity, volume…) I suppose that the ride must be between endurance and sweet spot, and each weekend increase volume. is it correct?
By the way, for more info, outdoor rides will be done with a MTB with powermeter

thanks in advance and have a good night

Welcome. Start with ssb lv and add rides as you see fit. The rides you do add should be of a non intensity nature. Also listen to the podcast as they have a lot of good advice.


That’s exactly how I did it. With about 10 hours per week, I decided on the LV plan. That is 3.5 hours of structured training. The Sweetspot, Treshhold and VO2max are also demanding in the LV Base Plan. In addition, 2 endurance rides, 2 strength training sessions and the week is full