Weekly Tips don’t match workouts

Has anyone else noticed that the weekly tips section describes workouts that don’t appear in the actual training week? Seems like adjusting the descriptions so they match the workouts, changing it so they talk more broadly about the week’s goal or even just removing them would be preferable to having them describe work/goals that aren’t going to happen that week.

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Yes. That’ll happen because of adaptive training.

I suspect TR will either make the text very generic or dispense with it altogether before long.

It’s definitely on our radar to be addressed, we know those previous weekly tips, especially for Tri plans, dont always align after adaptations take place. We’ll work on resolving that, thanks all!

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if there is a thread used to report thngs like this, I’m sorry and feel free to merge this topic with it.
I noticed that training plans have been largely updated, but the workout tips haven’t.
For example: Full Distance Build plan, week 2 has workouts: Raymond +6, Scylla, Pettit and Ochoco, while the weekly tips have Triple Divide, Carpathian Peak +2, Pettit and Boarstone + 60min Base Run.

With the advent of Adaptive Training, the static weekly tips are pretty much redundant, as everyone’s plan is unique.

Pretty sure I heard on the podcast that the plan was to either dispense with them entirely or to make them much more generic.


What he said :arrow_up:
One thing I do take from the mid volume tips are the recommendations for swapping the Sunday sweet spot workout to specific endurance workouts. If they ever do update the weekly tips, I hope they don’t get rid of that part. @Nate_Pearson @IvyAudrain They have a nice progression with their recommendations of endurance rides, if you choose to swap that Sunday sweet spot workout.

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I moved your post under an existing one with the same basic question. The replies you got, along with the older one from Ivy in the prior topic cover the status.


Thanks Chad.
I can’t however agree with the opinion that weekly tips are redundant now.
Even though a certain workout might change due to AT magic, the purpose of the workout doesn’t change. It would therefore certainly be beneficial for weekly tips to remain a part of the plan in order to describe the intent and purpose of a certain workout.

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  • I totally agree and I don’t think they are redundant either.

  • Personally, I think that may have been the wrong word used for the statement above. “Redundant” is an unneeded or extra item, which Weekly Tips are not (even when wrong).

  • Nothing in AT has replaced Weekly Tips or made them extra, it’s just that there is not a specific 1:1 connection since everyone’s plan is essentially unique.

Thanks for the feedback guys! It’s useful to know what you appreciate about the Weekly tips. I will pass this on to the team.

There are a few things that make updating the Weekly tips more difficult than it would appear on the surface. However, making tips specific to the purpose of the Workout is a good idea. I will pass this on to the team!

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