Week tips and Sunday alternates

What is current status for the wekk tips linked to the training plans? If I remember correctly there has been some back and forth with regards to whether or not they should be included. As for now they are still there, but they seem in dire need of an update.

To give an example. This is what is stated in the tips for week 1 of High Volume Genaral Build:

“Your first week of training closes out with some rather lengthy, no-frills Sweet Spot repeats bent on lifting your sustained power capabilities in a gentler manner than less forgiving Threshold repeats. But if you want things even gentler (but longer), replace Round Bald with Big Squaw or use Hesperus if you’d like to include a few early-ride sprints.”

A minor detail is that Round Bald is not the workout in the plan anymore. What is of more concern is the alternatives listed. Big Squaw doesn’t exist and Hesperus is a 11.6 tempo workout.

It might be an idea to update the recommendations to better reflect the new approach to training load and workout level?


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I second @Torneng’s comments. Not sure who to tag for something like this. Can someone look into this? Week tips for the general build plans seem to be off. Thanks!

Also tagging @mcneese.chad. Again, not sure who to tag…so I’m going for a mix of TR employees and a forum god.

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I feel they should use a universal weekly tip for every week. Some tips on how to deal with fatigue and pick alternative easier workouts, how to pick a Sunday alternative instead of sweet spot. Maybe some recovery tips too.
Since plans are different for everyone I think having some weekly tips how to change the plan would help a lot of people.
@Nate_Pearson Gave some really good tips on dealing with picking alternative workouts if you’re feeling overreached on one of the newer podcasts. So maybe just have some tips along those lines discussed. #featurerequest @IvyAudrain

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I am unaware of anything new here, so will leave it to TR reps to address.