Low volume - struggling on successive days

Hi all

Have been trying my best to follow the low volume build plan and have just moved to the speciality phase (century). I’m only one week in but like the last build phase, I’m finding I’m struggling to complete the first workout of the week as I’m doing Monday-Friday-Sunday due to working away during the week. So I successfully did Tallac +2 yesterday but was insufficiently recovered and failed during the third interval of Washington +2 this evening. Was well fuelled (home made cake :slight_smile:) Had a couple of instances during the build phase like this. Could just be a one off but my legs were screaming and a quick back pedal wasn’t enough to save the interval.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to reconfigure the plan in such a training timeframe? I only have Friday through Monday to train using TrainerRoad but would also like some flexibility to go outdoors at least one day at the weekend. Main goal is just to improve my fitness as much as possible, not training for a big race but have a century sportive coming up in May. Thanks for reading!

One option:
Friday: Short/Hard Intensity
Saturday: Long/Medium Intensity
Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: Short/Hard Intensity

Idea being to stack 2 back to back, but after a good rest period. Then one rest day before another hard one to finish the week.

Friday: Stevens +3
Saturday: Wright Peak -6
Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: Mount Goode -2

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Is it possible to schedule for max recovery:

  • Friday evening (or morning)
  • Sunday morning
  • Monday evening

in case you haven’t?


Thanks @mcneese.chad @bbarrera

Usually to fit around work I end up doing Friday and Monday evenings with more flexibility on Saturday and Sunday depending on family commitments but can usually find the extra time to do a 90 minute session at the weekends.

Will have a look at your suggestion Chad. I take it I can swap around a few similar workouts for variety?

Yeah, you can juggle and swap as you desire. Try to keep the basic goals if you want the plan objective, or substitute if you know you are better served from other workouts.

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