Race week alternative workouts

I’m on a low volume plan with a long distance A (gravel race) in July. I have an XCO mtb (B) race this Sunday.

My TR scheduled (Tuesday and Thursday) workouts this week are 60 min sweet spot.

Any suggestions regarding alternatives to these race week, sweet spot workouts?

Hey @genfreechris,

What exactly are you looking for in terms of replacements?

Your next B race down the road uses Threshold and VO2 Max workouts instead of Sweet Spot, so you could go that route if you’d like.

Otherwise, you could see what TrainNow is recommending as an “Attacking” workout if you want something that’s a little more punchy to suit the XCO effort. Just make sure that you pick something with a similar duration to what’s already in place. I’d say 60 minutes is at the upper end of what I’d recommend.

Hi Eddie,
I wanted to circle back and give you an update. I apologize for not sending an immediate reply.

I decided to trust TR’s plan and stick with the prescribed workouts the week before the race. I got second place in my age category (WVMBA State Championship). While I’m pleased with the outcome, the real story is that I suffered a major mechanical that took me 7 minutes to address and I was only able to utilize 6 gears on the rear cassette for 10 miles of the race. I was able to chase back and get a respectable time.

Thanks for your feedback and thanks to TR LVHI.

Appreciate the support!




I imagine that that was a bit bittersweet for you. Second place is great, but nobody likes to lose time to mechanical issues. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It sounds like your fitness pulled you to the result you earned which you should be proud of! Chasing back to second place with only half of your gears says a lot about how strong you were compared to the rest of the field. :muscle:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about anything else down the road. I’d be happy to help out however I can!

Thanks again & best of luck with your gravel race in July! :crossed_fingers: