Wahoo Kickr not working post upgraded version

So I just did a factory spindown in the Wahoo App and it looks like my power is coming back online. I didn’t do a full workout as I did one in the wahoo app, and I realised it wasn’t showing power either.

Not sure if it 100% fixed, but getting there!


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Anyone got a work around yet?

My laptop is still no good, my phone keeps losing connection and ERG keeps dropping out…

Got a ticket in but Its not been productive yet

During my ride this morning the ERG kept disappearing and I was getting dropouts. I unplugged my ANT+ dongle from my computer and paused the workout. I opened the Kickr app and did a spindown through that. Didn’t have any issues after that. Hopefully it holds up.

Still wondering why the TR spindown changed its minimum speed for the Kickr Core to something like 19 mph (used to be 24 mph before the last update). The Kickr app has it set to 22 mph. I thought the goal was to always be above the manufacturer’s requirement. @Bryce, do you have any info on this?

Update today from support:

"Hey Mike,

Thanks for taking the time to get back to me, and I apologize for my delayed response.

Observations & Insight

After investigating this past week, we found that there was an issue with older gen KICKRs pairing with TrainerRoad as a power meter. In looking at the ride log for your most recent workout, Avalanche spire +1, this is what’s happening to you and causing the issues with connectivity and ERG mode.

We implemented a hotfix on our end that should resolve it, but you’ll need to update firmware and perform a factory calibration using the mobile Wahoo app for the fix to take effect.

How to Update Firmware / Perform the Factory Calibration

So that you know, the Factory Calibration I’m describing is different than a standard calibration and needs to be completed after a firmware update or periodically.

To update the firmware, go ahead and pair your KICKR with the Wahoo Fitness app. You then should be prompted to update the firmware if an update is available.

Whether you update the firmware or not, go ahead and complete a Factory Calibration in the Wahoo Fitness app. To do this, access the standard calibration area in the Wahoo Fitness app and then tap the calibration paragraph text ten times in a row to populate the hidden Factory Calibration button. I’ve attached a screenshot to this email for you to refer to, but if you need more guidance on completing this process, check out this link: https://www.smartbiketrainers.com/advanced-spindown-calibration-wahoo-kickr-snap-4350

  • Can you give this a try and let me know if it does the trick or not, Mike?

Again, I apologize for the hassle and any inconvenience this caused to your training.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know how your next workout goes and if there’s anything I can help with.

I’m happy to help, and I’m looking forward to hearing back from you."

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That’s brilliant, thank you.

I’ll give that a try when i get back from work :slight_smile:

Hey @JonnyBlaze,

My understanding is we follow the exact spindown calibration protocol as the Wahoo app, but there is potential that they’ve made an update to this since our implementation of the calibration. I’m also wondering if you connected via the same connection method (ANT+ vs. Bluetooth) between TR and the Wahoo app during the calibration process. Can you confirm that for me?

I’ll follow up with our Product Team to see if Wahoo made any updates to this so we can update accordingly.

For what it is worth, I’m seeing the drop-outs as well, even though I’ve been on the latest firmware since it first came out, and my ant+ dongle sits right under my bottom bracket. There is definitely some weird issue with the change that TrainerRoad made, and unfortunately, I don’t think they will ever debug it. This isn’t an indictment of TrainerRoad, more an observation from personal experience trying to debug anomalies in real time systems.

To debug this, TrainerRoad would need to run a trainer in a Faraday cage to ensure that the drop-outs weren’t being caused by WiFi / other interference, and then run enough rides to produce the drop-outs. And even then, all that would show would be that the drop-outs aren’t tied to external interference.

They admitted to issues beyond the firmware upgrade.


It would have been nice when I filed my support case to reference the above. The support response made it seem like an interference issues, not a potential TrainerRoad / Wahoo KICKR Ant+ issue.


Just to follow up - this weekend I suffered the ‘locking/dropout’ issue on my Saturday ride. I hadn’t experienced it till then. Just so happened that I was pretty miserable from a saddle sore and power output was inconsistent due to shifting on the saddle trying to get comfortable. Ended up calling it quits to avoid making things worse, but prior to that I twice got locked into pretty high resistance that I had to pause/restart the workout to break out of.

Nice to hear it’s been identified as an issue and is getting looked into.

TR support citing interference has always annoyed me. It’s never interference, they need to get rid of that initial response. If I turn off wifi in my house, I don’t think that I could convince 10 of my neighbors to also turn off wifi.

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Hopefully TR figures something out. I’ve never had a clench, lockout, dropout, etc. since last July until the last few weeks. Valleys in short power build isn’t a great time to have them :sweat:

One tech mentioned having the KICKR being driven by my PM somehow (alternative to PowerMatch) but the only instructions I found for that are if one has iOS, which I don’t have.

Hi Bryce,

Thanks for taking the time to respond. To answer your questions and give you a little more detail:

I use a Kickr Core.

I run TR through my Windows 10 laptop via ANT+. The speed that is needed through the TR app during the Kickr Core spindown is 19.1 mph.

I run the Wahoo app through my iPhone X using Bluetooth. The speed that is needed during spindown is ~23 mph.

Prior to the last update the speed needed through the TR app was 24 mph. I remember @Nate_Pearson saying on a podcast (I think it was him) that the speed that TR required was always set higher than that of the manufacturer to ensure the user reached that required speed. It was odd to me that this changed in the TR app.

Also, my wife uses a Kickr Snap with Bluetooth on her MacBook and her spindown speed is still 24 mph through the TR app.

Sorry if I’m hi-jacking the thread. I can take this off the public forum if it’s detracting from the conversation. I thought others may have the same issue.

The [quote=“Trippy, post:32, topic:13061”]
One tech mentioned having the KICKR being driven by my PM somehow (alternative to PowerMatch) but the only instructions I found for that are if one has iOS, which I don’t have.

This is the Power Match feature. In the TR app, look for settings > devices > (your trainer) > Power Match. If you have your power meters connected to TR, it should derive power data from your power meter instead of the trainer.

No, I’m 99% sure it wasn’t PowerMatch because the tech was staring at my workout I had the clench issue pop up in with PowerMatch on and stated a bunch of TR guys use an alternate method. Something you do in the Wahoo app which doesn’t come up in the Android version of the app.

Article 1

Article 2

Well…not TR’s powermatch at least

Hey Jonny,

So I chatted with our Quality Assurance Team, and the reason that the ANT+ spindown speed has changed is because we have switched from the Wahoo ANT+ Legacy standard to the ANT+ FE-C standard protocol. FE-C is the industry standard that dictates the behavior and interation of your trainer with third-party applications.

The 19.1 mph spindown speed is dictated by the FE-C protocol, and that is why it changed.

The 24 mph seen when paired via Bluetooth is set by Wahoo’s own Bluetooth protocol.

The KICKR is designed to be fully compatible with FE-C, so this calibration method is every bit as accurate as it was before.

I hope that helps to clear things up a bit!


I have been dealing with this issue lately as well. After quite a few frustrating workouts I’m forced to use my iPad while I prefer to use my laptop. I would also be interested in an official pre-update download.

Makes sense. Thanks for checking on that!

Hi All!

I posted this earlier, in another thread, but I wanted to make sure that everyone who needs this information sees it!