Kickr not connecting

Not strictly a TrainerRoad issue so forgive if this is the wrong place but I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and they might be able to help. Basically I remembered yesterday that wahoo actually has an app and (I think) I updated it with new firmware, however now I can’t connect to my kickr or either through the wahoo app or TrainerRoad.

Anyone got a fix? Factory reset maybe? Googling has yet to reveal an answers.

Hey there! Sorry to hear that, but let’s work through some steps to see if we can get it to pair.

First, are you sure the firmware updated finished successfully? There’s a small chance that if a firmware update gets interrupted, you can end up “bricking” an electronic device, and that’s pretty scary. :scream: This isn’t limited to bike trainers either, but even a car’s ECU could be ruined if an update doesn’t finalize completely.

Let’s continue under the assumption and hope that this wasn’t the case :crossed_fingers:, and just start with unplugging the trainer from the wall. The power cord has a little box on it with a green light, and you want to keep it unplugged until that light goes out - around 30 seconds should do the trick. At that point, just plug it back in and see if it shows up in either of your apps.

Also, let’s have you check if the trainer shows up on the Bluetooth pairing settings of your device.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for your help, definitely not sure the firmware finished updating… :grimacing:

I’ve tried turning off and on again. The Kickr appears but just never connects still.

If you have both Wahoo and TrainerRoad app on the same cellphone, check if Wahoo app has already connected to the Kickr.

If Wahoo app has already connected to the Kickr, then it can interfere with TR app connecting to the Kickr

Edit: Never mind. Your Kickr isn’t connecting at all, so that’s a different issue

Well, at least it’s showing up!

Have you tried toggling the Bluetooth on your phone? If that doesn’t fix it, it may be worth reaching out to the Wahoo Support team.

Yep and tried other phones and ANT+ through my laptop and still cant get anything to recognise power :frowning_face:

I’ve contacted wahoo support already but only received deathly silence so far.