PSA: Please Update 1st-Generation KICKR Firmware

Hello, Wahoo KICKR Users!

As TrainerRoad’s Customer Support Director, I’d like to address anyone that uses a first-generation Wahoo KICKR and hasn’t updated its firmware in a long time. If this description fits you, you may be experiencing problems with ERG mode, and I’d like to make sure you’re getting the best experience possible with TrainerRoad. :slight_smile:

To this end, make sure you have up-to-date firmware on your KICKR.

How Do I Know What Gen. KICKR I Have?
Check out @GPLama 's video on how to determine what generation KICKR you own:

How Do I Update My KICKR’s Firmware? (You’ll need an iOS or an Android device and the Wahoo Fitness Application)

As always, feel free to email our Customer Support Team at if you have any questions or concerns.

Happy training, everyone!



Did anything change recently (either by Wahoo or TR) that accelerated the urgency of this post or is it more to do with a trend you guys have been seeing from your side?


As firmware and applications evolve, an older version of one may not work with a newer version of the other. In this case, our application has improved to the point where we no longer can support the old firmware found on 1st-gen Kickers.

Good to know, but also good to know (once I checked) that Wahoo hasn’t recently (in the last 2 months) pushed a new update either. Had me worried I may have been behind on my version. Re-reading your post you did say “hasn’t updated in a long time” but by that you meant a LONG time.

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It doesn’t look like they have released any updates for the Original KICKR since May 2017