Kickr 17 power issues

Hey all, first time having an issue with my kickr 17. This morning I went to do my work out, always done through ios app, and decided to run my element bolt as well to see the difference in my stages and the trainer. Had the Bolt on “run through app” mode so it wouldn’t take over. To preface, I always use erg mode because my powermatch doesn’t seem to work great. Anyway the warm-up started without incidence however, after the first power change the resistance progressively got more difficult. It almost locks up. I had this issue before and let it sit for a day and had no problem. Today, I decided to turn off the bolt and spindown the trainer through the TR app. My offset came back as 40726. Yes Forty Thousand. I went into the Wahoo app and spun down several more times without incident but that doesnt show offset. Even went as far as doing a factory spindown, deleted TR app and dowloaded it again, paired, unpaired, and paired again with the same results. Trainer performs well for firs minute until the first change in power. To top it off now my stages wont even report the cadence consistently. I sent a report to wahoo but wont hear back until monday at the earliest.

Does the Wahoo App show any availiable firmware updates? If so, try downloading the update to see if it helps fix your problem.

I’d also recommend reaching out to our Support Team at It’s possible that they can figure out what is going wrong here by looking at your log files :slight_smile:

Bryce, thanks. All of my equipment has been updated with the latest firmware

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Hmm, well that’s one box checked. Without looking into your files, I don’t really have any additional troubleshooting steps, but as I mentioned, our Support Team could be able to point you in the right direction.

Jason, similar problem here, did you get this resolved with the 40726 offset?

I did,

I ended up talking with a TR rep and they looked over my power files. nothing wrong on their end. I then contacted Wahoo directly and they immediately responded and advised that my offset was well within their acceptable parameters. I was suspicious so continued my conversation with them. I did a factory spin down and still came up with same results. I decided to check against my stages power meter separately from power match. Which is tricky, more so annoying, to try and run a phone, a bike computer, power meter, and smart trainer without interference or connectivity issues. I ran TR on my phone connected to the kickr and paired my power meter to my bolt. I then did a power training ride through via TR to compare power outputs. they were consistent and accurate within a couple watts of each other.

I’ve continued my training and subsequent ramp tests on the trainer with no issues. I’ve also discovered that i’m not able to do over/under intervals early in the morning…

This sound like the problem I had with a borrowed Kickr 18. It wasn’t mine, but the owner ended up returning it and purchased a Tacx Neo instead. Can’t shed any light on what was going on. I have a Kickr 17, and I find that if I backpedal or stop pedalling during a higher power effort, it takes more than 30 sec for the kickr to “let go” and the pedalling to become easy.

Hi… my Kickr Snap stopped showing any power. I bought a brand new Kickr Core and had the same problem after two weeks. I exchanged for another Kickr Core and I couldnt even get one ride out of it. What is going on? Wahoo has not been able to resolve this issue. Has anyone figured out why this is happening?

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Lengthy thread discussing the ongoing issues with the Kickr18 and Core models.

My Kickr Snap almost always shows exactly 40726 during a spin down. It seems to perform just fine, never losing or dropping power. As much as I’d like to find out that it’s under measuring power by 50 watts or something, I do believe it’s relatively precise and not variable. I spin down after exactly 10min during every TR workout, I’ve never performed a spindown in the Wahoo app or an advanced spindown as it seemed to work right out of the box.

I am skeptical about my offset number being the same value 99% of the time, 40726. Today I spun down and it was one of the few times i got a number in the 30000 range.

Again, my trainer performs just fine so I’m not thinking there’s a huge issue but I am just slightly skeptical and interested in what other people have experienced. Wondering what’s a typical value for the Kickr Snap and if anyones talked to Wahoo about it???

At some point I’d like to just get a newer road bike with a power meter, until then I’ll have to deal with some uncertainty


Jason: New guy here. I have a KICKR 2017 and Stages Gen3 L/R power meters on my trainer bike. Before I understood PowerMatch configuration last March when I started the program, I did my first ramp test powered by the KICKR. Then I figured out PowerMatch and just kept riding the program using Stages–but it was a lot harder. I’ve never figured out how to know the differences between my KICKR and Stages L/R. Could you provide a tutorial? Is there any way to get a program to graph out the differences? I’m totally guessing, but I’d say the KICKR shows about 10-15 watts more power than Stages, i.e., shows about 10-15 watts higher FTP. I’ve been scouring the forum to find out how to quantify the differences so if my Stages power meters tank for some reason, I can adjust the KICKR to get in the ballpark. To complicate matters, I also have Favero Assioma DUO power pedals and would like to know the differential there, too. This stuff is complicated but I’m technically competent. Hope you can help. Thanks!

There isn’t a guide, but the most simple approach is to perform a workout/test with each device (trainer and power meter) paired to different devices/apps. Make sure to NOT have both devices paired in TR on the same device.

Essentially, you simply ride and look at both devices, and do a basic comparison of the difference between the data from each device. This should be done at a range of powers up to your FTP, and possibly a bit higher. This is the down and dirty way to see what the overall difference is between the devices.

You can go much deeper and capture the data from both devices/apps, then upload them into a common program, overlap the workouts and see the full comparison. But this is more than most people need to do and I don’t have better instructions other than the overview.

Wahoo & TR support were nothing but helpful in helping me so if you haven’t already, reach out with your questions. My offset is usually fairly close as my trainer is in the basement on a cement slab. only recently did I notice different values because of a slightly elevated temp and humidity. On other forums I’ve read about “normal” numbers and most report to be in the 400-500 range from what i remember.

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I second @mcneese.chad. I ran two different apps. Wahoo elemnt app and TR. That being said I use a Stages Gen2 L only. never seemed to have any issues until recently. My rides have been showing curiously low avg and NP. For instance, on a Wednesday night group ride I’ve been riding with the A group. Depending on the size of the group we ride around 26-28mph on a route with rolling hills. mostly short punchy rollers with occasional attacks and more frequent toward the end. My avg power has been showing 30 or more watts less than everyone else on the ride. I’m pretty average size and rarely skip a turn on the front or try not to cover an attack.

Last week I decided to see if I could troubleshoot so I put the bike on the trainer and ordered up monitor -1. So sweet sport with little variations in each interval. To preface, I never use power match. I had the trainer in erg mode and my stages hooked up to my head unit; warmed up, calibrated the trainer, and zero reset my PM. Started before the first interval, big ring and middle of cassette, and found it very difficult to keep the power on my head unit near what was ordered in erg mode (apx 20 watts lower). Started the first interval and was able to keep the power up in the begining but soon dropped off and leveled off around 20-30 watts low. Did this for two intervals same output but no change in effort due to the trainer being in erg mode. third and forth effort switched to the small ring and left it in the middle of the casette. tried to concentrate as hard as i could to keep legs even and power reading from PM consistent but with the same result. Again trainer in erg being controlled by TR and no fluctuation as such was being reported on my PM.

I put a ticket in with stages and working to see if they can help but this is just what I found. If you have any questions about your equipment, I’ve had nothing but a great experience with wahoo’s, stages’, and TR’s tech support so far. I suggest you reach out to them if you have the time.

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