Wahoo Kickr not working post upgraded version

Not sure if anyone can help. Updated the new version of TrainerRoad and Wahoo kickr stopped working.

Wasted an hour trying to fix so emailed support.

Tried again today and managed to find this article

Updated firmware, but no power coming through when I go to do a ride. Have done a spin down, worked fine.

Any tips. Will wait for support to respond.

Roll back function would be great for issues like this. Also setting up a new topic when a new version is released so we can see what has changed and if you have an issue, you have somewhere to go.

2 hours wasted on this, plus missed ride. A bit frustrated to say the least.

after the TR Software update, With TR PC app already open, I had to power down… then power up my kicker… then go in to devices and click on the paired device in order to connect and receive power again.

Not sure if that helps you…



@badm0nk3y Same for me with my 2017 kickr…did you notice if your spin down calibration speed has changed for 24mph to 21.9mph???


Sorry I didn’t notice… I had 3 x 20 to do so my thoughts were elsewhere :crazy_face:
That felt just as hard as usual…

Due a workout later, So will take a look and will report back if I do see any issues.

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Yes same for me

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Since the TR App updated on my laptop, i get numerous dropouts and powermatch drops out regularly too. The Kickr keeps dropping out of ERG mode too.

It’s a 2016 Kickr on the latest software.

Gave up and had to use my phone via bluetooth in the end :frowning: Can’t get it to stay connected.

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I updated yesterday as well before my ride. It seemed like my power fluctuated a lot more than before, so I did a spindown after ~10 min of warmup (had done one few days ago too). After the spin down (did with my workout paused before my first real work interval), my power was ‘stuck’. It started responding again after hitting pause/resume again in the TR app, but even after that I felt like there was higher power variability than I typically see. Could be in my head, but figured I’d add another point of reference. Didn’t have any issues with dropouts or anything else though.

2018 Kickr, running direct ERG mode (power match disabled).

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So standard mode got smoked in this update also. You CICD pipeline failed hard TR.

I am now experiencing dropouts of a few seconds every 1-2 mins. It only started after the software upgrade last week. Tried it in erg and resistance, same problem.

I am on a Kickr’17 with Power Match to Vector 2. The Wahoo firmware is up to date.

Hey @grifter1981

It looks like you chatted with Brennen this morning about this issue. It sounds like the last troubleshooting step you took was testing using another platform to see if the issue is with the Kickr or if it is indeed an issue with TrainerRoad.

What were the results of this troubleshooting? Did you have dropouts while paired with both apps, or just with TrainerRoad?

If you update Brennen with this information, he should be able to help you move onto the next troubleshooting step :slight_smile: . You can just respond to the email generated upon completing the chat :+1:

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I’m having the same problem with my Kickr. It’s the original one. Firmware is updated to the latest version on it. I had to pair it agsin with TR. It’s having dropouts and the power also fluctuates during the intervals more than it did before. I’m using Ant+, but I ordered the Bluetooth dongle today and will give it a shot.

My 14 original kickr does this thing during intervals where the second minute or so it will ramp up by 20 watts on every interval for half a minute.

Also, my kickr 14 is now connected as kickr 2 instead of the original kickr (used to be labelled as kickr 4463). The power fluctuates from time to time for no reason. This seems to be an issue after the upgrade. Both IOS and windows.

I saw some similar variability in a friends workout on my Kickr17, that’s worked flawless up until very recently.

So, i’ve tried using my phone now instead of the laptop and it worked fine for one workout, then on yesterdays one it worked until the end of the first 12 minute interval, then it just wouldn’t drop down after. Tried turning it off and on again, repaired it, spin down and still wouldn’t release. Fast forwarded and plodded on for the second interval and rather than fluctuate with the required interval powers, just tried to pin me at 305W?

Ended up digging out an old phone and pairing that and it worked okay. This is highly fustrating though.


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Hi @Bryce ,

I tried Sufferfest today and it worked perfectly with no dropouts or lagging. I have emailed Brennen the same info.

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Potential workaround:
Install a version of TR prior to March, don’t do the update.
*You’ll need to do this everytime you run TR until a real solution is in place.
Report back please.

I fixed all of my 2017 Kickr issues with TR by doing this (including regaining standard mode).

I’m using a TR installer from Sunday, ‎October ‎28, ‎2018, ‏‎10:08:45 AM, but I am assuming anything pre March would suffice. Check wherever you download stuff to see if you have an older installer.

It’s evident that they changed more than just Ant+ protocols in these recent releases with respect to Wahoo Kickrs. Not sure why they haven’t rolled back a break-fix yet.

How do i access a pre-March version of the TR software? Thanks.

I’ve got exactly this same issue, it’s so annoying.
Kickr SNAP 2018 version, the ERG just doesn’t stay latched and this morning doing Red Lake +8 the power was varying +/-30w at some points as well as dropping out. When it does drop out the trainer icon goes off and then comes back, when it comes back it doesn’t re-latch the ERG mode.

I’m using a Quarq Dzero PM with Powermatch to the trainer. I’ve tried just the trainer, using the PM just for cadence, that resulted in the same drops or ERG.

In fairness, TR support have been great, but I’m now at a loss as I’ve changed ANT+ USB dongles, tried BT (That just keeps freezing or dropping out), turned off anything which could cause interference to the ANT+ connection, cleaned the optical sensor on the trainer, spin down, advanced spin down etc etc etc…


I setup a drop box if you want that. This is from 10/28/2018.


I am having similar dropout issues on a Kickr Core that I never saw prior to the last TR update. Hopefully there is some news soon.

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