Wahoo Kickr low resistance


I’m having trouble with my wahoo kickr getting way to low resistance as i’m running a MTB 32T 11-42t
I cant even reach 200 watts before hitting my hardest gear.

No problems in erg mode ofcourse, but how can I get past this in normal mode?
Can I set some kind of base wattage?

Device: Wahoo Kickr Core


Changing the resistance setting should do it.

On my kickr? Where?

No, in the TrainerRoad app.

What platform do you use to run the app?

yes but i’m not having any resistance problems in erg mode, this works fine.
It’s only what i’m using “standard” not erg mode that i’m just going 120rpm and 150watts in biggest gear :frowning:

Right, and you can adjust the precise amount of resistance in “Resistance” mode.

This isn’t perfect, but it mentions the mode. Switch to “Resistance” and you can adjust it to anything from 0-100% in 1% increments. This controls the base level, and you can use shifting to cover the main differences in your workout.


hi, just continuing with the “Resistance Mode” theme, is there anyway to set a certain % as default for Resistance Mode when you open Trainer Road App (in my case on my PC). This would prevent me having to fiddle around each time i get ready for a workout to have the correct setting. Thanks !

They are supposed.ti be changing from the current default of 0% to something specific to each trainer model. I expect to see this as part of the new desktop app release, then rolled to mobile.

Also, all apps already store the Resistance setting once you alter it in an active workout. The issue is that it resets to the default once you end that workout.

So if the pending change is not acceptable, you should make a Feature Request.