Wahoo Kickr resistance too low

Just purchased a brand new Wahoo Kickr. Set everything up with the iPhone app, did the spin down setting.
I started TrainerRoad On my Mac and added the trainer using Ant+ at this point is all good. Started my workout (without doing the calibration in the app because I though it was done on the iPhone) and ERG enables. the intervals were hard but not as hard like my old Elite Qubo smart, when the interval was done and I had to keep power to 100 there was no resistance at all, cadence was crazy! Anyways not sure what I am missing here

I experience this on my Kickr Core, I think its normal.

At a 100W target on ERG, if you slow your spin to 75 you will feel it. If you are spinning at 100rpm, then yeah you are not gonna feel resistance , coz erg sets trainer at 100W.

Make sure to do a new Ramp or FTP Test, assuming that you are using trainer power data (not a bike based power meter).

All but certain your FTP will have a different value now.

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Thanks that make sense

I tried that but stopped sending power data so I have to increase cadence

Without the trainer talking to the software theres not a lot to do. reset your ant or bluetooth connection and try again.