Wahoo kickr v6 resistance

Hello guy’s So I have Kickr v6 and I most of the time ride on ZWift, so I am facing a problem like whenever I plug in the power in Kickr. My kickr adds a curtain amount of resistance, and it stays there until I connect to ZWIFT and start riding. So I don’t know what is happening because, before connecting to ZWIFT, I couldn’t spin my kicker for a while for warm-up like I could, but there was some kind of hardness and resistance as soon as I plugged in the power. So once I checked what the issue was by opening the Wahoo app and pairing my kickr, I saw that there are many modes, like target power, resistance, and simulation. So I saw that whenever I clicked on target power options, there was a default target set to 100 watts, so I think that was the issue, but whenever I set it to 0 watts and closed my Wahoo app, Then again, my kickr adds resistance on its own unless and until I start my ride on the ZWIFT or Wahoo app. So guys, are there any settings so that my kickr can be free of resistance and I can spin a little before connecting to any app?

Does anyone knows?

AFAIK, that is intended behavior. Without power to the trainer, it can free-spin with only the resistance as a result of the mechanical drag from the belt, bearings and your bike. Which is nearly nothing once you get the flywheel spinning at even a moderate speed.

When power is connected, the trainer applies some amount of resistance that is on par with an old fluid trainer from my experience. The only way to reduce that default load is to do what you did, by connecting a device & app that applies a load you control to whatever you prefer (easier or harder).

I am not aware of a way to alter that default resistance when power is supplied, but no device is connected.

Okay so that’s means that the resistance will be there if i don’t connect to any app or something right? But i think i have seen on live stream that people are literally spinning very easily before connecting to some apps

  • Yes.
  • Then I have no idea what they are doing, so I’d suggest asking them if possible.

The 2 main things that might influence that would be them using very low gear (like 34x28) and/or they have a rather high FTP. Either or both of those could lead to the default resistance being “easy” for them.

I may be imaging things but sometimes i swear if I end my workout cooldown with let’s say 150w my kicker will be that hard when I start the next time. If I end at 75w it will be that hard the next time.
I never really tested it to see if it’s real or my imagination.

Yeah so i guess that’s similar issue. That’s what happens right when you plugged in and spin the kickr feels hard unless you to go settings then target watts then set to 0 watts then you kickr will be free