Wahoo Kickr TR Mode Settings

Hi - This is probably in the forum someplace, but if so I’m not finding it. I just changed my trainer setup from a KK rock and roll fluid trainer to a Wahoo Kickr. Can someone explain what the difference is between the resistance and standard modes? Thank you.

And for anyone wanting to try ERG mode, please review this video as well.

The links above talk about Erg and Resistance.

Standard mode is called Level mode by Wahoo, it replicates riding outside:

The way to think of it:

  • resistance mode = spin bike
  • level or standard mode = like riding outside, the resistance increases the “faster” you go (more power = more resistance)

And you also have Sim mode, which can be used while free riding in Zwift or RGT or Rouvy or Bkool or …

^^ do yourself a favor and turn off “Erg mode power smoothing” in the Wahoo app, its the last setting mentioned in the article above.

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Thank you for the quick response to my question…however, unless I’m missing something, I still do not see a clear description explaining resistance vs. standard mode. Resistance mode has an adjustable slider between 0 to 100 and standard mode has a 0 to 9 slider. Are both modes performing the same function with different slider scales to adjust resistance?

Thank you…that provides clarity.

Just updated what I wrote above.

  • resistance mode = spin bike
  • standard / level mode = like riding outside, more power = more resistance

If you want to duplicate riding outside, there are two options:

  • sim mode + Zwift or RGT or similar app
  • standard / level mode

An alternate explanation to what Bryan mentioned:


Resistance is a linear power curve: Like the green line in the graph.

  • This is more like the old magnetic trainers where increasing cadence and wheel speed is very gradual in the power you feel.
  • The 0-100 is a percentage, and you can think of it as roughly setting a base level of resistance founded on the max power the trainer offers. Ex: A trainer with 1000w max and 20% setting is about 200w base. That is not precise, and depends a bunch on the gearing in use, but gives some perspective to the setting.

Standard / Level is a progressive (non-linear) power curve: Like the black line in the graph.

  • This is more like the old fluid trainers, that aimed to mimic the progression we feel when riding outside.
  • The 0-9 is about how progressive the curve is. Many people seem to find 1-3 are good options for STD/LVL mode.

For example I can do all workouts in std/level mode with level = 2, including sprint workouts, when my ftp is in the 250-270W range.

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