I did something today... Used resistance mode... And i liked it

Today i did a 2.5hr Wo… 3x15 about 200 to 210 low cadence and then 2x6 over under (1 min/1 min)…

It was great… Felt great the whole way.
It was a bit annoying that i had to change a ton from small cog front/big cog back on easy while having to change to big cog front and somewhere in the middle back on everything else… It was inconvenient, but not a deal breaker…

In any case, if you haven’t done a Wo in resistance mode, i would highly suggest.

To those who do… Any recommendations with the level of resistance i should use? I used the default of 33 i think…

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I just switch to erg mode for the recovery sections of the intervals - hit ‘T’ on the Windows app and it just switches over. The a few seconds before the work starts hit it again and it goes back to resistence. Avoids loads of gear changing as you mention.


Probably be specific to your turbo but I think my turbo usually starts around 25%. I run it on the PC app and will often raise it or lower it within a workout with the arrow keys (similar to ERG but I’m in control).

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I run the app on the iPad… There no shortcut, but to get to the menu to manually do it doesn’t pause the Wo… I’ll try next wo


only issue I have come across is that I find the resistance setting I need to use does drift over time. For example if I’m doing 4x10 I might start at setting 33 on the Kickr (gen 1) for the first rep but by the time I get to the final rep I likely have to increase it to 35-36 or something.

It seems like as the PM warms up (and I re-calibrate) there is some drift in the Kickr? It might just be that its an 8 yr old Gen 1 Kickr and its not really an issue, but I do need to faff a little to get the resistance level to match what I want as the workout progresses. Another part of the reason I’m tempted to upgrade my Kickr…

I actually like using level mode for higher intensity workouts. I think the way it works is an exponential increase whereas resistance is linear. With a high level, like a level 5, I can use the small cog and very rapidly hit high power targets with VO2 short shorts for example.

Steady state stuff it’s erg all the way, and I use resistance mode as my “level 1 bail out” that lets me keep spinning aerobically if I can’t hit power targets anymore.