Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (V2 Color)

I decided to buy the v2 in the end. Overall very happy with the improved maps and visibility but the temperature reading bears no relation to reality. Waiting to see what Wahoo has to say about that.

Same here

Yeah, seems very susceptible to displaying bogus high temperatures when left in the sun at rest stops etc., takes a good while after to come down to a correct-ish temp

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Inside it is closer - outside or racing the Bolt will not correctly calculate with Assioma or Garmin Rally Pedals - it will get NP correct but avg power and avg cadence are low. If you go in to TP - and remove the 1st few seconds it will line up. Those metrics are accurate pulled into TR but different than the device. Have sent Wahoo dozens of files - it has been going on a long time


genius this worked for m too!

thank you!!

I’m on my 3rd replacement from Wahoo. It seems to have just up and died after a couple weeks. Won’t power on. I’m getting a little tired of this. The v1 was fine. I’m about ready to go back or to something else. Tired of sending “bad” units back only to receive another bad unit.

That’s wild. Do you live in an urban area by chance? If I recall, @dcrainmaker had some similar troubles with his review unit because of the map density in Amsterdam, but it was supposed to have been fixed by now.

My only other thought is it may have to do with charging the unit since the V2 does fast charging. Perhaps there’s something wonky going on with voltage there? I’m not an electrician so I’m well out of my element on that hypothesis, though.

Yeah their support page says use a non Apple charger because those might not supply high enough voltage. I’ve charged it several times though and haven’t had issues till today. Pretty sure voltage isn’t the issue. I think it just died.

Yeah, I’m well outside my depth at that and was grasping at straws hoping it would give you answers. I hope your experience changes, and if it doesn’t, I don’t blame you making a switch to something else. I’d be so irritated in your position.

Ok, so turn of events. I went through their reset process again but this time I held power down for like 20 seconds. It finally came on. I was counting slow too. Their support page says 10 seconds but this most definitely took a lot longer. But at least it’s not really dead :grimacing: !!

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I’ve found it’s more finicky than just a ‘Apple’ chargers. There’s a surprising number of random cables/chargers I have lying around that don’t properly charge it. And when I grab one of those, then I get cases where I think it’s dead-dead.

Unfortunately, this is very simply a case of Wahoo’s inexperience with USB-C ports and charging. When I stumbled upon a similar (identical) issue with Insta360’s Go 2 action camera, a few electrical engineers explained what the ‘rookie’ mistake (in their words) was that Insta360 had made that results in this scenario. While USB-C power charging has been tricky historically, for the most part most companies get it right these days. It’s hardly something super new.

I suspect we’ll see Wahoo quietly implement a running change in hardware (which is what this requires) to address this at some point. Off the top of my head, I think this is their first USB-C device.


I totally get it. I’m an EE/Software guy and we have usb-c devices we design :smiley: Yeah we had some issues when we first switched over too ha ha.

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Does anyone know if using the color highlights for power and HR uses significantly more battery?

That is really bad if they messed up the USB-C charging. I know that is more complicated than previous USB charging, but this is no longer ‘cutting edge’ technology, and you don’t need to be an engineer working in that area to know that lots of people messed it up - ie they should have known better, even if it was their first USB-C device.


I haven’t A/B tested it, but I ran mine with everything on for 16 hours straight, and finished with 25% battery. So it goes quite a long ways.

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Ok good. Recently got one and I’ve got Leadville this weekend. Colors I think will be helped or pacing on the climbs but don’t want it to crap out at mile 75


That’s exactly why I upgraded lol. Leadville hoping I can finish before the battery runs dead and they don’t cut me :joy::joy:

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Exactly my experience - 16+ hours and 25% battery remaining. That was with colour zones, mapped route-following, PM and auto backlight.


Well, in retrospect, the battery was the good point on the v2. I had 48% left after the Leadville 100.

I wish I could say anything positive about the rest.

  • The unit only recorded 10k ft of elevation gain even though the course has over 12k ft of climbing. (Incidentally descending it recorded over 11k but still pretty far off from actual course).
  • The elevation was WAY off. It said I was around 8800 ft at end of the race. The elevation profile looks like a downward trending race instead of the symmetrical out n back. It just kept getting worse throughout the day.
  • The temperature was way off (said it was 98 degrees even though it was only in the 70s).

Guess just have to wait for v2.1 fixes IDK.

Anyone know if aftermarket mounts are available for the V2 bolt yet? I broke the out front mount that came with it and can’t seem to find a replacement that says it’ll work with V2