Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (V2 Color)


Watched @GPLama’s video this morning with my coffee and immediately ordered one of these. I was considering ordering a Roam a couple months ago but decided to hold off in case they announced a new unit (seemed likely given their production cycles) and my patience paid off this time. Really looking forward to that color anti-glare screen and to the improved elevation and routing functions.

Anybody interested in buying a Bolt V1? It continues to work flawlessly for me and I can factory reset it for you with the mount, box, manual and a charging cable once I get the V2 in my hands. :stuck_out_tongue:


DC Rainmaker apparently having loads of problems with his test unit…says he has not had a single ride without a major issue coming up.


I’m hoping some of the routing improvement comes to the og bolt since it’s just a software update.

Indoor or outdoor! I suspect he just had a buggy one, although wahoo were straight into the comments section saying the issue with using it in Amsterdam was hopefully fixed :man_shrugging: :sweat_smile:

I don’t think there are any routing improvements. The only crossover (finally) has been getting whatsapp notifications on the v1, not just sms.

I’m not so sure that is true. The smaller memory on the V1 may be an issue considering map storage is very different between the two. I say that with no authority on the matter, but is not a guarantee AFAIK because of the aspects that Ray covered in his review.


There absolutely are improvements on V2. It actually handles proper routes and rerouting, that were not at all correct in the V1. Shane covers this in live case, and I think Ray explains is despite his difficulties.


he was asking about the og, which I took to mean v1? (and referencing just a firmware update)

they have released new firmware on v1, the only improvement seems to be messaging.

yes, lots of routing improvements between v1 and v2!

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OK, yes… I see now. Totally in agreement there. Got my wires crossed on the version in question.

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Original ELEMNT Owner now a BOLT v2 owner!

Hopefully this unit provides as much joy (potentially more) as the original has! :+1:t2:

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When the Roam came out, @dcrainmaker and Shane both noted that the Retrace My Route and Take Me To features cannot be done on the Bolt V1 due to limitations of how it handles navigation. Ray goes in depth on it in the Roam review under the Navigation heading in the below article:

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Oh man, this is great timing

I suspect not, and it’s serious enough that Wahoo sent an engineer to Amsterdam according to the DCRainmaker post:

”Wahoo is frantically trying to figure it out, and perhaps they’ll have a solution this afternoon. Or, it might not be for two months. I just don’t know – and I don’t think they know either. Else, there wouldn’t be a Wahoo engineer parked outside the DCR cave right now off re-riding my yesterday ride with a just released developer test firmware that might solve at least one of my core issues.”


I wonder if it will read Favero Assioma data correctly…?


Solid buy for BOLT owners who didn’t upgrade to the ROAM. I won’t be selling my ROAM but the routing improvements on it vs my old BOLT are great, and I suspect this is going to kill off the ROAM in no-time as it offers basically the same features, more storage, more colors, for $100 less

Unless you really need the slightly larger screen and secondary LEDs the ROAM has I don’t see why anyone would choose a ROAM over the BOLT V2




At the risk of showing my lack of knowledge on GPS computers with actual routing, is this unit capable of navigating without a pre-determined or pre-loaded route. It seems that nav is always in reference to loading a route to follow. Is it possible to simply go for a ride, decide I want to go to point X or some POI, enter that and have a route calculated on the fly?

Edit: Apparently by not being lazy and looking things up on the Wahoo site, the answer is right there in plain sight, answer being yes it can.

2 years later, they finally have something almost competitive with the Garmin Edge 530.


Does the new v2 get turn-by-turn direction with Strava routes? One thing about the v1 is I need to build routes in RidewithGPS in order to get turn-by-turn notifications as the map works, but no turn notifications with Strava routes.

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