Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (V2 Color)

Okay I’m on board with what you mean by unclassified roads. I’m in UK but guess I haven’t noticed that as an issue navigating with v2.

I just saw a Wahoo Roam in a shop and tested it a bit. Wow, ugly as the night… how could they ever design such a chunky thing? I held the 830 next to it, the screen is almost same size, but the Wahoo is much bigger in general. I hoped for a considerably bigger screen.

Might have to look at the Karoo now.

The Karoo 2 is a big device.
If you want small; go for 530 or 830.
If navigation is a priority; a big and not shiny display is welcome.

true, big, but the screen is big too. The wahoo Roam is a big device, but the screen is barely bigger than the 830.
I dont mind a big device if there is a big screen

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Yeah the bezels on the Roam are too big for my liking as well. It’s honestly what kept me from buying one. Happy with the V2 though.

Anyone else having issues with the GPS in their v2? For me, it takes forever to get a signal sometimes. A couple rides I start the ride then a while later I notice I’m going 0 mph and it’s because the gps still hasn’t connected. Further, when I do connect I get way more “ride paused” screens during the ride. Yesterday’s ride was 35 miles but the v2 only reported 32. Never had this issue with my v1.

Adding a pic. This is what it looks like in tr when I record rides with the v2. It just skips parts of the ride.

Just to add to the discussion I really didn’t like the bolt 2 on a number of different levels around navigation, sensor issues etc. Replaced with Karoo 2 and it seems so much better for me.

Wahoo is sending me a 3rd v2. The GPS thing they said “affects a small number of units.” Unfortunately, both of my units thus far have behaved the same.

Have the same problem

I’ve not had that issue at all. Granted I live in an urban area where connection is maybe better than if others are in more rural or remote locations.

Just wondering if recent firmware updates have improved things since launch? The v2 is back in stock and I’m quite tempted for the improved maps. The DC Rainmaker comments below his review are informative but quite self selecting in the way that complaints on the internet usually are!

I loved mine in many ways but hated the small screen, the navigation and the sensor drops.

I’ve been trying navigation and performance based computers over the past couple of months. Had and returned a 530 then the bolt. I was so disappointed in the bolt. I was expecting high just works factor but it was absent.

Given the cost of these devices I’m not happy with too many compromises. I ended up buying hammerhead 2 and can’t fault it. Raced with it last weekend and it’s brilliant.

My V2 is now working pretty well, although the initial connection process is still a little off.
I received a new Chainring with PM, and wanted to connect it, it was searching and searching and never found anything.
Then I looked into the connected sensors and the PM was already there… although I never told it to connect.

For me, the biggest thing they can do from here is improve the climbing page.
The one on Garmin has been pretty good for ages, telling you how much of a specific climb is left and upcoming gradients.
The latest update on the Karoo 2 looks amazing. That’s how I want a climbing screen to look like.
The one on Wahoo is by far the worst of the 3, only showing current gradient, the climb profile doesn’t really help much, and it doesn’t detect climbs as segments.


With the latest firmware updates, Wahoo engineers seem to have the major Bolt v2 issues pretty much ironed out.

There are still some issues being reported that some riders do not like and may be specific to someone’s riding style (specifically GPS lag and temperature accuracy) but since I ride road/race and use a speed sensor on each set of wheels, I see no GPS accuracy or lag issue… and I don’t really care if the Bolt temp reporting is 5 degrees… or even 10 degrees off.

I understand and respect those who wants these, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is unfortunate that the v2 release seemed to follow a Marketing Department release timeline and not an engineering readiness schedule. Wahoo took a beating with this one. I wonder if they have outsourced their development team… :thinking: :joy:

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@BCrossen are you still looking to sell the V1?

Picked up a V2 last week, first ride with it was on Sunday. Followed a route to see how the re-routing worked. Was pretty cool but not sure I’ll use it much. The V2 worked flawlessly for me. The experience was kind of like getting a new iPhone being familiar with the way everything works, but everything feels improved.

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Just a reminder, TR does not allow “sales” posts on the forum.

Please take any sales / purchases to other sites.


Shoot me a DM if you’re interested and we can talk off the forum.

Had my v2 about a month now and it’s been flawless. Rode BWR at the weekend and the Wahoo didn’t skip a beat

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On a few all-day rides recently I’m regularly getting 15-16 hours with 25% battery remaining - well beyond the advertised spec. That’s with map navigation, power & HR meters and auto backlight. Well impressed. Flawless in all respects and I’m loving the colour map and data fields.