Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (V2 Color)

V2 works with v1 mount


I’m using a k-edge and a barfly that I had with my V1 that both work fine with my V2. As long as you’re not bothered about the aero* then I think any of the v1 mounts will fit.

*I very much doubt it could be measured


One of the big selling points was the mounts were compatible iirc


Backwards-compatible but not completely cross-compatible. The V2 will work on V1 mounts but the V1 won’t fit on the supplied V2 mount. Unlikely to be an issue for most though.


I thought I read that they weren’t compatible. But I guess its V1 to the V2 mount, not the other way around!


Re battery life:

  • Out on the road V2 seems to sip juice frugally;
  • But get it under cover / in a building where it’s struggling for a GPS signal and it sups like a starved vampire from the necks of virgins

I’d normally start up the Bolt a “short while” before my ride commenced; then gather/load water bottles, gather ride snacks, don shoes / gloves / helmet / jacket etc, zero PM, start Varia, check HRM, load Route - generally Olympic levels of faffing :eyes: :rofl:. But, I’ve noticed that with the bike inside a building or garage, the V2 is slurping power at maybe 1% a minute, which is a little unnerving…

Unnerving enough to: (1) rethink my faffy start routine; and (2) hope I don’t find myself on a ride where for some reason the V2 struggles for signal for a good chunk of time (eg. parked under cover at a caff stop?), because juice levels could plummet and risk running dry later in the ride.

Never really noticed this issue with the V1.


I gotta say, while I never like the trend of releasing hardware and sorting out the firmware over the next few months, they’ve come a long way with the software since my release day purchase.


Just got a Bolt v2 after having owned using v1 for a while, pleased with the sharper display and expanded routing/mapping capabilities :+1:

Also looks like they just publicly released the firmware update with on-device map panning/zooming.


The one in which I break down the Elemnt Bolt 2 within the framework of modernism vs post-modernism and how it relates to our ultimate satisfaction.

Tldr: good improvements, some of the hardware is still frustrating, and it’s great if you want navigation. I wish it was better for the 4 years of development and the price.


Pretty much spot on. Another issue is delayed GPS response. That applies to turns and Strava segments. This has not improved with firmware updates. I was also playing with my ten month old while watching so maybe I missed it. All and all, I’m not super happy with the upgrade and probably would be happy staying with v1. This might move me over to Garmin when the next gen releases.


Nope, didn’t put that in but it’s a good one. I’ve noticed it intermittently but wasn’t sure if that was just me or not. Good to know

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