Outside workouts: Wahoo Elemnt or Wahoo Bolt?

I have been using Trainerroad inside for a while but living in Arizona I am lucky enough to be able to cycle outside pretty much all year around. I have been scheduling some of my workouts as outside, and using my powermeter and Lezyne GPS, trying to replicate the workouts as best as possible using the lap button and mostly memorizing the interval structure pre ride.

I have decided it is time to get a GPS with outside workouts and the Wahoo units convince me more than Garmin. I wondered if there is any difference between the Elemnt, and the Elemnt Bolt for outside workouts? I would appreciate if anyone has experience with either or ideally, both.

As I understand it from reading various general reviews they both have the same functionality but the Elemnt is bigger with a bigger screen. For outside workouts how do people with the Bolt find it in terms of screen size? Is there any other advantages, disadvantages of either?

I strongly suggest taking the time reading the in-depth review by DC.
I have the ELEMNT, can’t complain, it does what I need it to do. Great for taking indoor workouts to outdoor.

I’m sure others in here will chime in.


Bolt user here. Screen size is just fine and I have been doing 1 or 2 outdoor workouts a week. Shows everything you need and the smart screen, or whatever they call it when you adjust the number of data sets showing, is slick. I generally have 4 things showing at all times - target power, 5 sec power, HR, cadence. I then also have interval time left and # interval accessible with a push of side button. Real slick.

Can you even buy the element now? I thought they paired offerings down to Roam and Bolt only…

Have you tried using strava live segments on it also? I have them on my Lezyne, but you can’t edit the screen. All it tells me is the time it has taken me so far in the segment and the distance remaining, which is pretty useless info. I understand you can edit the screen on a Wahoo to show things such as power during segments.

You may be right about the elemnt. I shall take a look at the review above of the Roam, but I think the Bolt if favorite for now. I was mainly worried about screen size, as my lezyne super GPS is tiny (1.5 inches approx.)

You can edit the live segment page. Set it up to show what you want. I think I have 6 fields on it and 5 sec power is one. I also have it set so live segments do not show up during a workout though - no reason to try for a PR if I’m in between intervals.

I don’t think the screen is too small at all. I did look at the Roam as well, but with the $$ saved I was able to pick up a Varia - do not ever want to ride with a radar again.

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My Wahoo Elemnt constantly turned off during outside rides. I’d restart it and and reconnect it to my phone and then, several minutes later, it would loose the connection. This happened repeatedly during rides with an iPhone SE and 8. I do not recommend the Elemnt.

It turned off meaning it powered off? Sounds like you have a bad unit. Complain to Wahoo enough and they’ll replace it.

I have both a BOLT and a ROAM. I used the BOLT exclusively for a long time because I think it looks nicer (smaller bezels). However, I ran into some bluetooth issues like @JJR described above, worked with Wahoo support, and they sent me a brand new unit 2.5 years after I purchased it.

While the devices were in transit I started using the ROAM a bit more. I had been training and really focusing on lots of segment PRs and the one thing I appreciated about the ROAM was the extra fields. Specifically, on the Strava Live Segment screen, I am able to add power and HR data while keeping the segment time, ahead/behind, estimated end time, and distance remaining. This has been a big enough benefit that I have yet to use the brand new BOLT they sent.

There are some goofy technical glitches with Wahoo - specifically with Live Segments and having to re-pair to the phone occasionally. And their firmware updates sometimes screw things up. Overall though I am happy with Wahoo in general.

Buenas,hasta hace una semana podía pasar los entrenamientos a wahoo,pero desde hace unos días no puedo exportar los entrenamientos a wahoo,alguien sabe por qué?lo he intentado todo,pero aunque sincronice wahoo con TrainerRoad no soy capaz de que me aparezca en mi wahoo ELEMNT