Wahoo Elemnt Roam 2 GPS

Release appears imminent as it is listed for sale at €399 here. Link courtesy of WW.


  • 64 color screen for more detailed display
  • 32 GB memory for more maps, routes and training sessions
  • Convex knobs for easier operation
  • Dual-band GPS for even more accuracy
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyro sensor
  • Compass

Physical Unit Dimensions, Display Size, Screen Resolution, Weight and Battery Life are listed as identical between Roam 1 and Roam 2 (at least on the aforementioned website).

Roam 2:

Original Roam:


Looks like a good upgrade if you prefer a Wahoo over a Garmin.

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Looks like Lachlan is out testing the new Wahoo ROAM 2.0.

As someone else already posted (but seems to be removed?) it just looks like the normal ROAM but with updated buttons and screen…

Shame that the updates are so small…


  • Not removed. Just takes a quick search to find it, so I merged your comment to the existing one.
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Ahhhh…my unicorn may have finally arrived.

But damn that is pricey…maybe not against the recent Garmin releases, but still a good chunk o’ change.

R.I.P. Tyler


Been waiting for this puppy to drop. I’ve got a 4 year old original Elemnt that isn’t long for this world.

Love that my Elemnt is still getting software upgrades and usability improvements and hope Wahoo keeps this track record going with their newer devices.

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As someone who was once a happy and loyal customer in the Wahoo ecosystem, I understand what you mean. That being said, I think the level of improvements in the Roam V2 is at a bare minimum. Two years ago (or even one year ago) I would happily have bought this unit.

But now I think this model seems is somewhat dated already at launch. Doubt they will attract many new customers with this device tbh.


Excited to see how the sector segments work on my Bolt v2. Other than that I’m not really seeing it being a worthwhile upgrade and the discounted original Roam seems like a pretty awesome deal right now.

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Indeed, but I’m ok with that: as bike computer it does what it is supposed to. I am disappointed there is no battery improvement, though, especially compared to Garmin 1040 Solar.


Perhaps vs. some products on the market…but it literally checks every box I want for a GPS unit. I don’t need or want anything else.

Tried a HH because I wanted more color on my screen than the 8 colors on my Roam…but I hate touchscreens (although to be fair, the HH screen is very good), the battery life isn’t great, etc. Don’t really care about ConnectIQ apps and the Garmin interface is trash.

But I will agree that $400 is on the pricey side for what you get.


I agree. I was quite surprised by Ray’s review of the device, and the fact that few of the marquee features, including the new ‘Summit Segments’ feature (akin to Garmin’s ClimbPro), aren’t available at launch. I mean, when was ClimbPro launched - 2019? And Wahoo are still playing catch-up more than 3 years later, and asking US$400/AU$600 for the device? Wowsers

CyclingTips have also published their first ride review:

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Thinking about upgrading from Bolt V1 to the Roam or Garmin. This looks good to me.

It needs even fatter bezels. Why only 14mm on each side


well those bezels do house the lights on the side and top for showing certain metrics visually, but I agree, seems like a massive waste of space. Personally I’m not sure how any computer competes with garmin’s widgets. I’ve had the OG Elemnt for a while now and it works, but this Roam just doesn’t really add anything meaningful to me.

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Are they any better on the Roam? I turned them off in my Bolt V1 because I can’t see them at all in daylight.

Same. I just replaced my dying Wahoo Rival with a Forerunner 955 and I’m thinking of replacing my Bolt V1 with an Edge. I’ve been on the Wahoo camp for a long time, and I do believe they have the best UI on the market, but they seem hit or miss when it comes to reliability and I’m hesitant to give them more money. I don’t love Garmin software, but they seem to make solid hardware that I hope it’s a little more reliable than Wahoo’s.

I do like the usability of the Wahoo over Garmin and I will still chose Wahoo over Garmin but the navigation and maps suck especially for mountain biking.

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I’m pretty happy with how my OG ELMNT handles TR outside workouts. I’d be interested to hear more about how R2 does. I duly noted DCR’s complaint about the colour scheme- a problem I don’t have with my B&W ELMNT.
Anyone else use it for TR outside workouts?


Really interested to see how the next gen 530/830 (540/840?) will compare to this. Not that I need to upgrade from my 830 which has been flawless though. Incredible battery life too.