Very minor ftp boast... (compared to most of you guys anyway)

Signed up to TrainerRoad in January, at the beginning of base1 and starting out, had an FTP of 200, just finished base 2 and have an FTP of 225, bringing me to 3w/kg.

Pretty minor compared to a lot of you, but good for me at 44 and trying to get in shape again after many years letting myself go after leaving the military in 2008.

No one around me to celebrate with, lone roadie with a wife who is very supportive but doesn’t get my fascination with all things bicycle, so figured I’d celebrate some minor gains by giving myself a shout out on here!

Thanks to the TR podcast team for all the advice and everyone on the forum who feeds my interest in training, bikes and all things related!

Cheers, iain


That’s a 12% gain, nothing to be so modest about.


thanks, so long as i’m moving in the right direction i’m happy…coming back after a couple spinal surgeries last year too which gave me the kick up the ass i needed to get in shape again, so i’m quite happy all round really…


That’s what we are all here for! Awesome work, truly! And no reason to be so modest, that’s an awesome improvement by any standard.


Thanks. Pretty happy with myself, and gives me the motivation to keep going


I’d say it’s quite a good increase. I’ve done spbmv 1 and 2 twice and never had an increase in ftp. My muscle endurance improved in that time.

But I did get quite a good ftp increase from build.


I’ll try not get my expectations up too high for build then!

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Know the feeling after my own novice FTP bump. Wanted to tell everyone at work - but kept control!


Hey, we’re in the same boat so you’re my hero! I’ll celebrate for you.

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Congrats, great work! I bet you’ll go up another chunk through build. I’m a few years older & started around 209 & topped out around 240 between Oct 2019 & August of last year. Knee injury sent me back to pretty much my original starting point & I’m back to 225 after both base blocks.


Thanks. Appreciate the confidence. Can definitely feel the difference out on the road already and I’m coming at this off back surgeries last year. Listing weight and getting stronger and happy just to get around my local hills and climbs without dying!

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Great job, congratulations! Remember from the podcast your FTP does not define you but do celebrate every watt increase !


true, keep reminding myself of that - and keep trying to reference just how i’m feeling when i’m riding outside compared to where i started at last year (and 15kg heavier!).

still, it’s nice to see some progress and that the ‘system’ is working and making a difference. I don’t race, or even ride with anyone else, so it’s only myself i’m ‘competing’ with - just trying to have a healthier relationship with sport, i kind of gave up on all sport and fitness once i realised I was never going to achieve the kind of things I have before, which led to nearly 10 years of doing nothing, so I the structured training and seeing some steady improvements are enough to keep me going now.

thanks, iain


You have every right to brag getting yourself back in shape after surgeries.

Good work!

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thanks, i appreciate it!

I would honestly be thrilled to gain 12% on my ftp in a few months. Sign me up for that


That is a massive increase! Congratulations! Mine just went up 4 points and I was super happy.



True. This is awesome. Last ramp test done on Monday. I was hoping to manage 6 watts, I got 1. Happy with that. Keep the good work up and keep riding. It doesnt get any easier you just get faster :slight_smile:

Well done and impressive gains. You should celebrate :tada:! :grin: And be very proud of your achievements. That’s all taken an amount of consistency and dedication that many wouldn’t do including the weight loss and :weight_lifting_man: lifting. :grin:

Sometimes you may see no change in that number but you’ll gain the ability to ride for longer at a higher wattage. It all depends how your body adapts.

Keep at it sir!

Only competing with yourself is the right mindset to get into. You’re different to everyone else so why compare yourself to them.


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