Rearrange workouts around races?

Kind of two related questions here. First, going into week 5 of gbmv with a road race this Sunday. I rearranged the week as follows
Mon: off
Tuesday: Dade +4
Wednesday: bays+1
Thursday: mount goode
Friday: off
Saturday: truuli -1
Does this look like it’s too much going into a race that I want to do well at?

Part 2: next week our weekly crit nights start up on Thursday. Which workout would be the most appropriate to drop from week 6?

Ive usually been bad at choosing which workouts to drop for races, and with this being the build phase, I’m even more unsure because I know these are the important workouts. Thanks.

Not enough info to know for sure. You’re probably okay sticking with the plan unless this is your A race, otherwise you’ll always be tapering or taking easy weeks. As for the weekly races, use them as one of your hard days and race it as a hard training ride.