Switching workouts

I’m about to start sweet spot phase 2 medium volume and There are some workouts that are two hours long and some that are 90 minutes long. My question is does it matter which days you do them. For example a two hour work out is meant to be scheduled on Monday but could I move it/swap it to another day because I don’t have that much time on that specific day. Does it make a difference what order are you do the workouts in?

Not really feel free to move your workouts round in your calendar. That was on of the advantages of the new calendar. I quite often shuffle my work outs depending on mood and time available.

Beware of your fatique as it builds so just be cautious not to do the 3 hard workouts in a row unless you have to. Probably can get away with it in SSBII medium volume.

I just did SSBII and got a 14 watt jump in ftp.

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Try and do the higher IF-days after a restday to make it easy on yourself.
Doing Vo2-max followed by over-unders, or the other way round, will be increasingly hard as the IF ramps up.

Doing the long sweetspot session while fatigued is good from what I understand, they should stay doable and you force your body to work decently hard despite being tired.
Supposedly this elicits greater adaptations.

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Hey everybody! Instead of starting a new thread I thought I’d ask here.

I’m doing my second build phase due to bad planning, or starting TrainerRoad too late actually. Now I’ve started my race-season but still in the C-class races yet. I’ll be finishing my speciality in late July. My question however is as follows.

I’m doing the General Build MV, but only doing the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday workouts unless it’s shitty weather on Saturday because in that case I’m doing that one indoors as well. Otherwise I’m out hitting the trails in what I call “race pace”. Normally that gives around an hour of threshold HR and similiar power zone distribution as a race would.

However. I’m considering exchanging one of the VO2Max/Anaerobic-workouts on Tuesdays/Thursdays to the threshold workout I should’ve been doing on Saturdays. I choose GB because I really need to work on my longer threshold-intervals. VO2Max/Anaerobic comes pretty easily for me as does over/unders but I need to work on the longer duration intervals to be more well rounded.

What would your solution be in this question? Replace Tuesday or Thursday?

Ain’t nobody that has any ideas?

For me, I would replace Thursday. I want to have all my legs for the VO2 session.
You said Vo2 is easy for you; maybe, it makes sense for you to do it on Tuesday. Give it a go both ways and see how the legs/ HR react.

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