Ever felt like you were getting a flu after your ramp test? (middle-aged folks!)

I generally ride 4-5 days/week for 1-5 hours, much harder and longer rides than the ramp test. But I pushed my HR to 182 yesterday during the test (only 18 min) and it hasn’t been that high for a few years. (I’ve done 2 ramp tests before, but never pushed as hard). Later in the day I had that body ache like I was getting a virus. Today it is still there, and my HR was super elevated this morning; garmin said I was “stressed” all night. No other ‘symptoms” except full body muscle achiness.
There is a huge 50th bday party for me tonight and trying to figure out the cause, cuz I feel like crap! If anyone has felt like this after said test, any suggestions for how to feel better? I took Advil & drinking plenty of liquids.

I would say try a shot of whiskey. But you might be doing that tonight.
I get sore after the ramp tests but never feel achy sick.
When I get a cold now days I don’t get congestion in my head or lungs anymore. Seem to have started around turning 40 . I still feel off for 2 days. It’s weird.

If done well, a ramp test is a serious attack on the body. Sounds like you pushed yourself as you’re supposed to on the ramp test. Depending on how well trained you are you could take several days to recover.

That said, could also just be that you were already coming down with something without realizing and the ramp test just made it more obvious.

Happy Birthday!

It could be the accumulative effect of months of structured training and your body is providing a warning sign?

Did you follow your rest week or did you stray onto the dark side with some intense rides due the improvement in the weather? I’m guilty of this today……totally spent now… and I know it’s boring but alcohol degrades your body’s ability to fully recover.

Oh and I’ve just turned 56….

And what do you have coming up after rest week?Any iteration of build or specificity is hard on the body and if your diet, sleep or accumulation of training stress goes unmanaged you will dig a hole pretty quickly.

Get a few hours extra sleep with some quality calories and see how you feel tomorrow.