Upcoming vacation/plan help

Hey all,

I’m set to finish SSB MV 2 in two weeks then into general build.
After week 1 of general build I leave for vacation for two weeks.
I will probably ride every day for an hour at the minimum. My girlfriend trains so we go riding together.

Should I even bother starting general build or should I repeat SSB mv 2 for three weeks?

I’m thinking how I can get the best quality and what would be easiest to complete while on vacation.

Yes outside workouts so either option will be nice to have on my unit :blush:

I could see benefit in extending the base plan out for that additional period. If you are concerned about running the risk of not being able to exercise a full hour per day, maybe doing LV SSB with a little extra Traditional “base” type work when you have more time (slower z2 work) might not be a bad idea and you could enjoy yourself a little bit more? (thinking out loud there, the MV would be better assuming you’ll for sure be able to get the training time in) :smiley: :thinking:

I don’t see it, but I recall on the Podcast it being mentioned that you could extend the base periods by a few weeks within TR. Maybe extend the base out until the first week of your vacation, then use that recovery week between base and build for the 2nd week of your vacation and enjoy the scenery, take some time off, and have a fun vacation before hitting build hard when you come back :smiley:

If It were me, I’d skip the last week of endurance rides in SSB2 and move right into General Build for 2 weeks.

Then enjoy the vacation.

Then on return, I’d restart General Build.