Upcoming 2-weeks of Missed Training

I am really new to structured training and binging thru the podcasts now (5-stars but the way). I am currently just finishing up SSBLV1 and starting SSBLV2 (Week 7) this coming week (custom plan build with A ride in July). I started from a very de-trained state due to two total hip replacements last year (May/Nov). I am going to be travelling starting about 10-days into this next phase for 15-days. Sleep and schedule will vary (I’ll be working nights and some days) and thus elevate my overall stress. I should have some hotel gyms along the way along with TRX bands I’ll probably carry. I do not have power pedals.

With all that said, what’s are some solid suggestions prior to the travel, during the travel and upon return? My plan is to try to get thru 5-6 more scheduled workouts prior to departure. I have read the blog post on this subject from Dec '15).

Thanks for any and all advice. I travel regularly so this is the largest challenge I face to structured training.

I deal with this fairly frequently. I find that ramping up before I leave helps. Then, don’t underestimate the stress of travel and accept that for the first couple of days that might be enough for you. I try to get 2-3 solid workouts in per week while I’m away, with running and strength as an alternative to riding. I devote a bit of time to recce at the start of the trip knowing it’s investing in the later half of the trip. A simple spin bike will get you through some decent workouts. Just pack some shorts and an HRM and a bit of ingenuity and you’ll be fine!

Thanks! I do always pack an HR monitor as well. I anticipate losing some fitness along the way but am hoping to just do enough damage control to be not too far behind where I should be upon my return.

Well, I got one ride in on a spin bike a week ago. I’ve missed every workout since then. With gyms all closed I’ve managed to use hotel stairs for some work plus my TRX bands a few days. My last fully complete week was was Base 2 Week 7 (SSBLV2) and started with a ramp test. I am thinking after listening to a lot of podcasts my best course of action may be to get home, rest a day or so and restart that phase. I was going to just jump back in and pick up where I could and do some -1 and -2, but hoped I’d get at least 2-rides a week in while travelling.

I used custom plan builder with a gravel ride as my A race in June (62 miles w/25 miles of gravel). I suspect the extra base will be beneficial anyway since I started from a very detrained state following two hip-replacements last year.

Any thoughts on the best way ahead? I’ve listened to Chad mention many times that repeated SSB training can be beneficial for a long time. I am not looking to race my rides this summer, I am just looking to finish feeling good in a reasonable time.