Overseas Travel Interrupting Training Plan

HI everyone,

I’m new to TR and just started mid volume SSB last week. I’m currently scheduled to be in Europe for a project the last week before my scheduled rest week. I will be gone for 2 weeks with possibly no way to continue my training (January 21st-February 3rd). I have another two weeks after returning home before our first race on Feb 15th would like to be in the best form possible. What would be the best course of action in this scenario?

P.S. This is a early race in the season and I’m not expecting to be in top shape just want to be in the best shape possible. Planning for peak form by mid summer.

Thanks in advance

Can you use a gym or rent a bike while away? I’d try to do something to keep up fitness while away. Even running might help (but be careful if you don’t already run). If you really can’t do anything, I’d repeat the last week you did before travelling, then do the 5th week of the plan (swap out the last workout or two for your race), then do the rest week.

It sounds like TR will be bringing something out soon to help with scheduling this, but no idea if it will be too late for you.

Where in Europe? Your options are (first being the best!):
1= Hire or travel with a bike if riding outside is an option
1= Find a hotel, or gym/studio near your hotel with decent indoor training bikes. I’ve managed to find hotels with wattbikes before. The rise of Zwift and Peloton means there are a growing number of options for this
3. If you happen to have power pedals then take these plus a wrench. If you can’t find a decent indoor training bike then even a standard spin bike is better than nothing if you at least have power measurement
4. Do the best you can with HR, RPE and whatever indoor bike is available at the hotel
5. If there are no cycling options at all (highly unlikely in Europe in my experience) then maintain aerobic fitness with swimming, running, rowing, or just some body weight exercises in your room if that’s the only option left to you!

Other thing to consider, particularly if options 1-3 are all off the table, is trying to compress your training a bit to get as much of that last week of training banked before you travel. Depends how you’re coping with TR though, if it’s already feeling tough then probably not a good idea.

Hey thanks for advice guys. I’ll be in Ukraine and Amsterdam. In Ukraine I know for a fact I won’t have time for any training. In Amsterdam I could possibly have time. I talked with my personal trainer yesterday and he is going to help me with some body weight workouts then maybe I could mix in a couple runs.

I’m based in the U.S. but was in Croatia for a couple of weeks last April. What I found helpful to minimize fitness loss during a portion of that period was outdoor power stair climbing. I created a short outdoor loop that included climbing 100 steps on each loop. The climbing pace was SS/threshold and I used the return loop to for recovery. The steps roughly mimic the down portion of the pedal stroke.