Unstructured Outside Ride with Adaptive Training on Plan Builder

HI I’ve tried searching for my answer but the trouble is things are changing so fast on this that an answer even a couple of months ago might be out of date now.
So. I’ve set up my plan on Plan Builder but I’m still not sure about how to treat an unstructured outside ride that bears no resemblance to the days specified workout. If I associate the ride to the workout. Would rating the ride, rate the actual ride or would the algorithm think I’m rating the workout? If I don’t associate it do I delete the workout and move on? I wouldn’t bother about it so much but during the summer (if we get one in the UK) I do this a lot. Thanks

This is from February, but Ivy was responding to the same thread in May so it should still apply:

That said, manually moving workouts around does work with AT now, so I’ll drag workouts around my calendar a lot depending on the weather. (In Norway you go outside when it’s nice. Period.)

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