Should I delete a skipped or missed workout from the calendar?

Hello, If I miss or skip a workout, is it OK to delete from calendar just to keep it more clean?
Does AT treat a skipped workout the same as if you did no workout that day in terms of deciding if you should have any adaptations to future workouts?
Thank you.

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Just skip, dont delete! :wink:


What if you decide to go out and ride (unstructured workout or group ride) and you upload that workout into TR? Should you still keep the prescribed workout (not completed) on your calendar and unfulfilled? What advantage does keeping the workout on your calendar offer?

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You’ll want AT do acknowledge that the particular energy system assigned for that day gets accounted for in your future adaptations. Developing those systems can often happen in really specific progressions in the scope of all of your workouts, so by skipping instead of deleting, AT knows how to better account for that missed day (where just deleting un-does that logic).

TLDR: AT needs you to leave it to know you skipped the workout, will help make up for it later.


So AT looks at plan including what we skip? Doesnt it know I deleted the workout?

I take a lv plan, keep 2 days of vo2 and threshold. Remove the third ride and add 2 days of endurance. This is more back to the question of recovery and what I find keeps me healthier at 61.

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In that instance, use Workout Alternates instead of deleting and substituting.


Also, I forgot to note that AT will soon account for ALL unstructured rides, added workouts outside of your plan, etc. Its the highest priority for our development team and we’re making serious headway, so after that you wont need to worry about those added workouts (or outside rides) not being considered for your adaptations and Progression Levels!

  1. I have a feeling most do not know that you should keep a “skipped” workout on the calendar, Maybe there should be an alert before one deletes.

  2. If life keeps me from doing say the Tuesday ride, but I find time on Wednesday to do that Tuesday ride . . . it loads on Wednesday but the original skipped workout still sits on Tuesday. I don’t see why I would leave that skipped ride there now? Especially now learning AT would think I did not do that workout when in actuality I did?


Just drag and drop the original workout in the calendar from Tuesday to Wednesday (this might be web only functionality, I only use the app for playing the actual workouts), I do this regularly as I’ve a shifting schedule.


yes only an online ability. I keep an Ipad as my dedicated device in front of my bike to open calendar in TR app and do a workout. Which goes to my point - that doesn’t make sense you can’t move it, but if you select it and perform it on the new day, it leaves the shell of the not completed one on the original day. @IvyAudrain is saying AT takes all those skipped workouts into account . . . this seems overlooked then.

  • Not true. You can open the workout on the calendar within the app. Once there, click the Pencil icon to edit, and you can alter the date assigned for that workout.

  • So you can move any pending or skipped workout workout in any of the TR apps or web.


That’s good to know. A little more work than I believe it should be, but mystery solved. I’m more used to working-in calendars within apps where you hold a finger on the event and just slide it over.

How does this work with deleting a plan to redo it? Pre AT I definitely deleted stuff from time to time, mentally not wanting to see a bunch of grayed out missed workouts mostly. Since AT I have made sure not to delete any, but also have missed a lot less due to AT. But after the latest podcast it was suggested to redo the tri plan to get the updates. To run plan builder again you must delete your existing plan. That then deletes any workouts you did not complete so it is as if they never existed. Newborn and did something to my jaw actually meant this past week I missed a few (about to hop on and make one up), so deleting the plan and running plan builder again now removes all those recent missed workouts for AT to see.

I never liked deleting before rerunning plan builder incase there were issues. Of course I just now had issues because it changed my base/build from 8/8 weeks to 7/7 weeks and thinks I started my build phase already instead of starting it this coming week, which removed an assessment and puts another recovery week in right away. Add in AT wanting to account for skipped workouts it seems like there needs to be a different way to adjust plan builder than being required to delete the entire existing plan first.

Good question, but considering you missed a few workouts, it may be ultimately more effective to delete your plan, still set your start date for when you started your plan, insert a time off annotation for what you just missed, and keep going!
If you just left the workouts you missed prior (did not delete), the adaptations that followed it helped address what you missed, so you dont have anything to worry about there.
If you deleted that workout and didnt receive adaptations as a result, even more reason to reapply your plan and …stop deleting workouts moving forward. :rofl: You want to make sure AT is accounting for what you miss. Cheeers!

Hi, I just discovered this thread. I had food poisoning a couple of weeks ago and missed 2 workouts. I don’t remember doing it but it looks like I deleted the workouts. I added annotation for sickness (ill) and assumed AT would take that into consideration, is that not the case?

Sorry you got sick! Bummer.

Moving forward, add the annotation (which will remove and ‘reschedule’ that work in later workouts) instead of deleting. The idea behind annotations is that you’re not having to manually delete any workouts, and AT knows by the annotation to take what you’re missing during that block, and accommodate for that work in future adaptations/workouts.


Wow! That was quick! Many thanks. Just to clarify, would adding annotations cause the planned workout to dissappear from the calendar or does that only happen if I deleted it?

No problem!
Correct, once you save your annotations dates, you’ll be prompted to adapt your plan, and those workouts during your time off will no longer be visible. :+1:

To clarify, if you dont use an annotation and just leave those workouts uncompleted, they’ll be visible (just as incomplete) and you’ll be prompted to make adaptations again to account for those missed ones.

Many thanks Ivy, as a newbie to TR I’m very impressed with AT and the support :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


We’re stoked you’re with us! Happy to help. :sunglasses:

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