Missing workout or doing outside ride - Confused whether to hit "Delete" or not?

Hi, I have been totally confused for years on missing workouts or doing outside rides then deciding how to designate the TR workout that I was supposed to do that given day.

  1. if I just flat out miss a ride due to life or being too tired, thus deciding to skip altogether. . . do I always hit “Delete” or just leave it alone? If I leave alone, then the uncompleted ride lives there in my calendar maybe in a good way, in order to analyze how many missed rides I incur per block somehow?

  2. if i ride outside instead of doing that given day’s workout . . . again, should I be hitting “Delete” for the TR ride that day or is there some other ‘substitution’ or ‘skipped ride’ button I am missing? (Naturally I estimate the outside ride stress)

I feel these choices seems to limit getting to the end of the plan and/or accurately ending the block correctly. I hope someone can simply explain. Thanks

  1. Leave the rides in the calendar to be able to see what was planned.
  2. If outside ride more or less matched the purpose of the workout I would associate the outside ride with the workout (on the website click on the outside ride in the calendar and then associate). Otherwise I would let them stand side by side.