Unstructured outside rides replacing TR workouts

I’m a new TrainerRoad user and am enjoying the platform very much.

If I skip a workout to do an unstructured ride outdoors, which gets recorded in my TR calendar, will the AI adapt my future workouts based on this? When riding outside I don’t track power but do use a heart rate monitor a log mileage and terrain with the Garmin head unit.

How best should I mark the TR workout I didn’t do?


Hey there! Welcome to the TR community. :smiley:

At this time, your unstructured outdoor rides won’t trigger your TR plan to make any changes (we’re working on making this so at the moment – it’s our company’s top priority!).

For now, it would be best to leave the planned workout untouched on your Calendar. Doing so will allow Adaptive Training to then make adaptations to your plan to keep you on the right track for your future workouts.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!

That answers my question perfectly.

Thank you!

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